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Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP)

The Army continues to modernize its ERP business systems to simplify operations, optimize processes, and provide an accurate, Enterprise view of business information to all users. AESIP is a key component of this initiative. AESIP integrates business processes and systems by serving as the Enterprise hub for the Army’s logistics and financial ERP business systems:

  • General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), the Army’s financial system
  • Global Combat Support System - Army (GCSS-Army), the tactical logistics system
  • Logistics Modernization Program (LMP), the national logistics system.

AESIP enables integration by linking business processes and data across existing IT systems. This integration optimizes business processes and supports Enterprise level information requirements. AESIP has successfully delivered a Web-based solution for the creation and management of customer and vendor master data and implemented an optimized messaging and hub services capability.

AESIP houses and enables the Army Enterprise material master which provides the Army a single authoritative source for material data supporting all Army constituent (modernized and legacy) systems. This Army Enterprise material master provides the catalyst to manage, control, create, change, archive, and validate data, while providing a single global view of material thus, providing the basic building blocks for Product Lifecycle Management/Weapon System Management. Implementation of the Enterprise material master has enabled inventory management, accountability, pricing, accounting functions, and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) operations to be seamlessly integrated into the Army Enterprise vision.

Products and Services
AESIP services include:

  • Enterprise hub services
  • Enterprise master data management
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Contact Information
Project Manager: COL Robert Mikesh
Fort Belvoir, VA
(703) 545-6678

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