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We make data visible, accessible, understandable, trusted and interoperable.


  • Army Data and Analytics Platforms (ARDAP)

    Army Data and Analytics Platforms (ARDAP) enables scalable, agile and trusted data platforms — integrated with data services/applications, visualization and analytic tools — to facilitate fact-based and resource-informed decision-making.
  • Army Training Information System (ATIS)

    Army Training Information System (ATIS) acquires, deploys and maintains a worldwide distributed learning system to ensure our nation's Soldiers receive critical training anytime and anywhere to ensure mission success.
  • Army Vantage (Army Vantage)

    Army Vantage is the Army’s data-driven operations and decision-making platform. By joining and enriching millions of data points into artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML)-capable applications, Army Vantage improves and accelerates decisions on everything from personnel readiness to financial return on investment.
  • Enterprise Business Systems - Convergence (EBS-C)

    Enterprise Business Systems – Convergence (EBS-C) is a program within PEO EIS’s Army Data and Analytics Platforms portfolio. EBS-C is part of the Army's Enterprise Business System Multi-Functional Capabilities Team (EBS-MCFT), a coalition established to drive enterprise resource planning readiness and modernization by 2030.
  • Global Force Information Management (GFIM)

    The Global Force Information Management (GFIM) program is a dynamic global force structure and employment data system. Put simply, GFIM allows senior leaders and combatant commanders to make data-driven force structure decisions faster and with confidence in order to man, equip, train, ready and resource the Army.


  1. AMIS TIPS-Write System Gets an Upgrade

    March 9, 2022
    As part of the Army’s ongoing effort to modernize and enhance the service’s readiness, it is currently upgrading one of its most pivotal communication and logistics processes — the Total Asset Visibility (TAV) In-transit Processing Station – Write (TIPS-Write) software platform.  
  2. AESIP Hub Obtains Limited Deployment Authority to Proceed to Deliver Reports, Queries and Visualizations in Support of Army Aviation

    January 19, 2022
    Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) Hub’s Business Intelligence/Business Warehouse (BI/BW) program ended 2021 on a high note when it received an authority to proceed (ATP) from PEO EIS Program Executive Officer Ross Guckert with a limited deployment of developed reports in support of the Army’s aviation community through the Global Combat Support System – Army’s (GCSS-Army) Increment (INC) 2, Wave 2, Capability Drop 2.2.

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