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  1. 8 questions with Lee James III

    September 27, 2022
    After graduating magna cum laude from Langston University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Lee James III received job offers from the Army Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G-6, Federal Aviation Administration and JCPenney. He answered eight questions about his career and life.
  2. Get to know the PEO EIS budget officer

    September 6, 2022
    As an Army budget officer, there are few finance challenges that Adam Bross hasn’t resolved. He is adept at managing uncertainty, including long-term continuing resolutions and shifting Army priorities. “After 12 years at PEO EIS, I have seen a lot of people come and go,” Bross said. “Most people don’t enter PEO EIS as an expert, but a lot of people leave as one.” Bross, a recent headquarters Star of the Quarter awardee, answered questions about his career and life.
  3. GFIM Product Office Holds Change of Charter

    July 27, 2022
    On July 12, 2022, PEO EIS’ Army Data and Analytics Platforms (ARDAP) held a change of charter ceremony for its Global Force Information Management (GFIM) product office at the Fort Belvoir Community Center.

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