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Enterprise Business Systems – Convergence (EBS-C) is the Army’s business modernization and transformation effort to simplify, streamline, standardize and unify business operations while improving auditability. The pending end-of-service life for the Army’s current enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) and the need to support increasingly complex operational requirements, provide the opportunity to converge enterprise business systems into a common, modernized platform that will more effectively enable multi-domain operations in large scale combat operations.

The converged EBS system will combine the Army’s ERP programs and improve system agility, capacity, speed and efficiency by seamlessly integrating 24 major Army capabilities across the finance and logistics enterprise. Once merged, the EBS-C system will integrate with enduring systems, providing an all-inclusive view all the time.

The EBS-C project management office (PMO) is part of PEO EIS and is aligned with the Army's Enterprise Business System Multi-Functional Capabilities Team (EBS-MFCT), a coalition established for planning and implementing the Army's ERP modernization effort by 2032. The PMO is charged with the creation of the acquisition strategy, as well as development and deployment of the Army's modernized/converged ERP system.

Over the coming years, the EBS-MFCT team will develop enterprise requirements for a converged ERP solution, identify and conduct business process reengineering, and establish corresponding business process and data architectures.

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