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The General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Product Office (PD) develops, acquires, integrates, deploys and sustains enterprise-wide financial and procurement management capabilities to support the Army’s current and future missions.

The PD GFEBS portfolio consists of the GFEBS and GFEBS-Sensitive Activities (GFEBS-SA) defense business systems. GFEBS is the Army’s web-based financial management system, standardizing business processes and transactional input across the Army, while GFEBS-SA is a fully functional GFEBS application that operates on the classified network, employing additional security requirements to protect national security information. GFEBS and GFEBS-SA are used by over 30,000 Active and Reserve Army, National Guard, and Department of Defense users at over 200 locations in 71 countries with system obligations averaging over $200 billion annually.

GFEBS was the first enterprise resource planning structure to fully deploy within the Department of the Army, and it will continue improving the Army’s business processes and allow for full cost reporting of the Army’s outputs (products and services), creating an auditable trail. It will also accommodate emerging requirements for enhanced financial integration, Army single-labor time tracking, environmental and integrated resource management. These requirements not only provide additional capability but will improve automated integration of financial data, enhance business process efficiencies, increase interoperability and maintain auditability.

These two integrated business systems provide secure, web-based, real-time financial data to the Army’s senior leaders, enabling total force readiness.

This program is managed by Defense Integrated Business Systems.

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