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Army Contract Writing System (ACWS)

ACWS provides a single enterprise contract writing and management system to obtain business process efficiencies; supports compliance with the Federal Financial Management Act of 1996; integrates with existing ERP solutions; and decreases the number of complex interfaces while fostering audit readiness.

ACWS is projected to be an acquisition category IAM program that will replace Standard Procurement System (SPS)/Procurement Desktop-Defense and Procurement Automated Data and Document System. ACWS will comprise approximately 8,000 users at 280 sites in the CONUS and OCONUS.

ACWS will function in low bandwidth/disconnected status for expeditionary forces, and will support unclassified networks, classified networks and contracting requirements. is expected to utilize centralized services such as Clause Logic; standardized business rules including contract line item number structure and the like; and standard data schemas like Procurement Data Standard and Standard Financial Information Structure.

Contact Information
Product Manager: LTC Christopher Center
Arlington, VA

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