Army Contract Writing System

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Army Contract Writing System (ACWS) provides a single enterprise contract writing and management system to obtain business process efficiencies; supports compliance with the Federal Financial Management Act of 1996; integrates with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions; and decreases the number of complex interfaces while fostering audit readiness.

ACWS is projected to be an acquisition category IAM program that will replace theĀ Standard Procurement System/Procurement Desktop-Defense and Procurement Automated Data and Document System. ACWS will be comprised of approximately 8,000 users at 280 sites in the United States and throughout the world.

ACWS will function in low bandwidth/disconnected status for expeditionary forces and will support unclassified networks, classified networks and contracting requirements. It is expected to use centralized services such as Clause Logic; standardized business rules, including contract line item number structure; and standard data schemas like Procurement Data Standard and Standard Financial Information Structure.

To find more information regarding ACWS, please visitĀ Procurement.Army.Mil/ACWS.

This program is managed by Defense Integrated Business Systems.

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