GENM-O’s Tom Dunaway Highlights Army’s Unified Network Modernization Initiatives at Industry Event

Tom Dunaway speaks at AFCEA Belvoir event.
GENM-O Product Manager Tom Dunaway speaks at the AFCEA Belvoir Luncheon on March 30, 2022 (U.S. Army Photo by Ashley Tolbert).
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Spencer Langrock, PM IEN Strategic Commuications
April 18, 2022

On March 30, PEO EIS’s Global Enterprise Network Modernization – OCONUS (GENM-O) Product Manager Tom Dunaway discussed the Army’s network modernization initiatives during a keynote speech at an AFCEA Belvoir monthly luncheon event in Springfield, Virginia. The event brought industry and government officials together in the same room to discuss unified network business opportunities and solutions for the first time in over two years.

Dunaway began by explaining his organization’s recent name change from Power Projection Enablers, or P2E, to GENM-O — which is part of EIS’s Integrated Enterprise Network portfolio — and by explaining GENM-O’s role as the Army’s total lifecycle acquisition manager chartered with implementing a modernized and standardized network. GENM-O’s network modernization efforts ensure that Army networks are scalable, accessible, flexible and defensible in alignment with the Army’s Network Modernization Strategy and Army Unified Network Plan. GENM-O’s modernization efforts span the globe and provide unique challenges that require creative solutions.

Dunaway also discussed the unified network construct and the critical role it has been playing and will continue to play in all Army decision-making. To achieve the unified network by fiscal year (FY) 2028, the Army has made secret internet protocol router (SIPR) modernization and voice modernization a priority.

The SIPRNet is a system of interconnected computer networks used to securely transfer classified information. Dunaway highlighted one of GENM-O’s current projects in which the office is laying the first modernization node in Hawaii, which will serve as the global standard for the Army’s SIPR network. The voice modernization efforts aim to decommission the Army’s time division multiplexes by FY 2025 and reduce hard phone lines by FY 2023. These two modernization efforts will serve as the communication backbone for posts, camps and stations.

Dunaway concluded by detailing GENM-O’s upcoming procurement opportunities: Europe (EUR) Network & Infrastructure Modernization Capability Set; Pacific (PAC) Network & Infrastructure Modernization Capability Set; and Southwest Asia (SWA) Network & Infrastructure Modernization Capability Set. The EUR and PAC opportunities will be released by the end of FY 2022, and each has an estimated contract value of $300 million. The SWA opportunity release date is still being determined and has an estimated contract value of $200 million.

The capabilities needed for these contracts include classified and unclassified voice, video, data, Wi-Fi and software-defined networking expertise. Dunaway said that feedback on requests for information, well-defined roles for the original equipment manufacturer and prime contractor, and a strong understanding of how to effectively operate in OCONUS locations are desired in GENM-O’s industry partners.

Businesses seeking to compete for future contracts can monitor SAM for newly released solicitations or the PEO EIS Business Opportunities page for the latest procurement forecast.

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