Jason Morneault assumes command of Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems

WESS Change of Charter
Jason Morneault (center) receives the WESS charter as the outgoing product manager Lt. Col. Scott Davis (l.) and WESS deputy product manager Walton Brown (r.) look on. (U.S. Army photo by Spencer Langrock)
Mission Area
Spencer Langrock, PM Integrated Enterprise Network STRATCOMM
August 22, 2023

On June 30, Project Manager Integrated Enterprise Network (IEN) conducted a change of charter ceremony for the Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (WESS) Product Management Office. During the ceremony, the WESS charter transferred from the outgoing product manager (PdM), Lt. Col. Scott Davis, to the incoming PdM, Jason Morneault. 

As the host of the ceremony, IEN Project Manager Col. Justin “Jay” Shell credited Davis with leading a critical Army portfolio valued at over $500 million, overcoming the challenges of running a 100% telework status organization during COVID-19 without missing a beat and for absorbing a significant reduction in annual operations and maintenance budget with minimal impact to the mission.

"WESS runs as well as any product office I've seen," said Shell. “Thanks to robust engineering, great logistics, strong leadership and true professionals in the ranks, there is nothing within their mission that they cannot accomplish."

Shell presented Davis — who is now a student at the Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania — with both the Meritorious Service Medal and the Signal Corps Regimental Association’s Bronze Order of Mercury.

“It has been an honor and privilege to watch you, your deputy and your professional acquisition team members work,” said Shell.

In welcoming his new WESS product manager, Shell noted Morneault’s wealth of military experience and his exceptional understanding of information operations, programmatics and ability to apply Agile principles to acquisition.

After formally accepting the charter, Morneault thanked Shell for the opportunity to lead the office, his family for supporting him and Davis for his exceptional leadership of the office and support during the transition period. He also said a few words about the important mission ahead and IEN’s transition from PEO EIS to PEO C3T [Command, Control, Communications – Tactical].

“I am excited for WESS’s transition to PEO C3T starting on Oct. 8, 2023,” said Morneault. “The merger of WESS and C3T will allow strategic and tactical SATCOM [satellite communications] synergy in order to achieve the Army’s goal of a Unified Network. No longer can SATCOM be viewed as strategic and tactical … it’s one network!”

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