GCSS-Army Increment 2’s Wave 1 – Enterprise Aviation Obtains Limited Deployment Authority to Proceed

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Jeff Hudson, Enterprise Aviation Ops
August 23, 2021
Aviation Firing
Aviation firing. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Randall Corpuz, 117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

PEO EIS’s Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-Army) program successfully obtained limited deployment (LD) authority to proceed (ATP) for Increment (INC) 2, Wave 1, Enterprise Aviation (EAVN) from Program Executive Officer Ross Guckert on June 9. 

The LD ATP approved the release of additional capability for the aviation community and validated the path forward for EAVN, according to GCSS-Army leaders. 

GCSS-Army EAVN is the bridging solution to the Army’s Enterprise Business Systems – Convergence, syndicating data from the aviation integration server’s middleware and Aircraft Notebook (ACN) into the enterprise. EAVN connects the ACN to the Army’s tactical logistics enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in order to standardize business processes, move ACN data from the flight line to GCSS-Army’s enterprise systems, provide a single logistics data center for aviation data, and provide senior leaders and combatant commanders with “near-real-time views” of Army aviation assets.

“The continued integration of aviation data into the Army’s tactical logistics ERP system will provide senior leaders with visibility into data that’s critical for making informed tactical decisions,” said Paul Phillabaum, deputy product manager for GCSS-Army. “Ultimately, the integration of aviation data helps propel the Army toward its strategic goal of total asset visibility by providing a single, accurate version of the truth.”

On June 12, the new aviation capabilities became available to approximately 51,000 Army personnel. These capabilities included weapons data, flight record data and aviation daily readiness data.

“The accomplishments by our GCSS-Army product office are the result of continuous efforts by the developer, consistent engagement with the aviation community, and integrated development with enterprise aviation teams across PEO EIS,” said Col. Rob Wolfe, project manager for Army Data and Analytics Platforms at EIS. “The holistic information enabled by the enterprise aviation program will enable the Army to forecast both current and future logistical needs to support its mission of deploying, fighting and winning our nation’s wars.”

GCSS-Army's next round of capabilities is tentatively scheduled for release in March 2022. That round will include a new aviation tech supply role and will incorporate aviation logistics into the Army’s tactical supply system of record with a bidirectional flow of data from GCSS-Army to the ACN.

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