Digital Training Facility and Deployed Digital Training Campus Maintain Total Force Readiness

Soldiers working in a DTF
Soldiers work in a Digital Training Facility in 2019. (Photo Credit: ATIS)
Mission Area
Rachel Christie, Army Training Information System
October 6, 2020

PEO EIS’s Army Training Information System (ATIS) is fulfilling its mission to be the premiere, one-stop training solution for the total force by providing products and services that benefit the Army’s training community. Two such products are the Digital Training Facilities (DTFs) and Deployed Digital Training Campuses (DDTCs).

DTFs are computer labs for Soldiers and civilians to conduct online training when it fits their professional needs and personal schedules. DTFs are equipped with computers, high-speed internet access, video tele-training at select locations for instructor-led courses, and the ability to conduct training at Army installations and Reserve sites. ATIS manages 187 DTF classrooms in 78 locations around the world, including the United States (CONUS and OCONUS), Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Korea. In 2019 alone, the DTFs were accessed by Soldiers over 3.9 million times.

A DDTC is a portable deployable digital classroom with satellite communications, allowing for operation within any geographic region, including those areas where telecommunication infrastructures do not exist. ATIS operates 20 systems that are shipped worldwide, bringing capabilities to Soldiers wherever they or their units might be. In the past 10 years, over 23,000 Soldiers have been able meet their training requirements, thanks to a DDTC. 

Deployed Digital Training Campus
A Deployed Digital Training Campus in 2019. (Photo Credit: ATIS)

“Most people think that every Soldier has access to a computer, whether they are deployed or at their home station, but that just isn’t the case,” said Lt. Col. Jim Lee, product manager for ATIS. “The DTFs and DDTCs fulfill ATIS’s mission in assisting the total force to maintain readiness.”

ATIS — a program operated by PEO EIS’s Defense Integrated Business Systems — acquires, deploys and maintains a worldwide distributed learning system to ensure our nation’s Soldiers receive critical training anytime and anywhere to ensure mission success.


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