Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems

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Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (WESS) manages the acquisition, development and modernization of enterprise satellite communication systems and state-of-the-art satellite network control and planning systems for use with the defense satellite communications systems (DSCS), as well as wideband global satellite (WGS) and commercial satellite systems.

WESS control systems are deployed worldwide at wideband satellite operation centers (WSOCs). Its satellite communications portfolio includes terminal and baseband products that are integrated into a system-of-systems architecture supporting strategic communications infrastructure, presidential communications, the Defense Information Systems Network, Army LandWarNet, the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) and tactical reach-back for deployed forces through DOD satellite communications gateways. The office provides comprehensive acquisition expertise, systems engineering and integration in support of other service program offices and defense agencies, including the DOD Teleport Program and the Missile Defense Agency.

Specific WESS products and services include: AN/GSC-39; AN/GSC-52A; AN/FSC-78; AN/TSC-86A-F and AN/GSC-52B(VX)/G Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET). Specific systems and subsystems include AN/GSC-70 Ka-Band Satellite Transmit and Receive Systems (KaSTARS), the Multiplexer Integration and DCSS Automation System (MIDAS), the BMDS Protected Anti-Jam/Anti-Scintillation Wideband Net-Centric System (PAAWNS), the DSCS Integrated Management System (DIMS), the Global Terrestrial Critical Control Circuit System (GTC3), the Power Control Management System (PCMS), the Wideband Global Spectrum Monitoring System (WGSMS), the Frequency Conversion Subsystem (FCS), the Digital Communications Satellite Subsystem (DCSS), the Joint Management and Operations Subsystem (JMOS) and the Replacement Radio Frequency Interconnecting Subsystem (RRFIS).

WESS is part of Integrated Enterprise Network's (IEN) — formerly known as Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS) — portfolio of programs. With an annual budget authority of more than $550 million, IEN enables information dominance for the Army, Department of Defense, National Command Authority and international partners by acquiring, implementing and sustaining strategic satellite and terrestrial communication systems, and by leading technologies to meet current and future requirements.

This program is managed by Integrated Enterprise Network.

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