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The Army Environmental Program (AEP) reporting system that provides an Army-wide solution for accurate, reliable, and timely environmental information. HQAES is used by the Army Corps of Engineers, Army National Guard, Army Reserves, Installation Management Command, HQ, AMC, HQ MEDCOM, and the Army G-9’s Environmental Division, the Army Staff proponent responsible for complying with environmental liability reporting requirements, monitoring and reporting on the performance of the AEP, and conducting program analysis to optimize environmental restoration and environmental quality activities. HQAES currently tracks 2,700 environmental restoration projects with a total cost to complete of $5.4B and for all environmental restoration a total financial liability of $28.2B.

HQAES supports championing Installation Enterprise Readiness and delivering unmatched Quality of Life by protecting the Environment for Soldiers, their families, the Army, and the Nation by providing these capabilities:

  • Environmental Quality
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Environmental Performance Assessment
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Pollution Prevention

Army Environmental Reporting improves readiness by helping provide and ensure continued access to quality training lands and facilities with minimal restrictions on operations.

This program is managed by Defense Integrated Business Systems.

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