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Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO)


Project Manager (PM) Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) provides the hardware, software, and tools to proactively protect the network, defend the network, and enable the Army’s network to operate unfettered from the threat of cyber-attacks, and equips our partner nations with cutting edge information infrastructure capabilities.


Continuously deliver defensive cyber capability to soldiers at the speed of relevance.


DCO partners with industry, academia, Army Contracting Command Rock Island (ACC-RI), the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), and the Joint community to meet the stakeholder requirements of U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER), Cyber Protection Brigades (CPBs), and Cyber Protection Teams (CPTs).

PM DCO Offices

Product Manager (PdM) Cyber Platforms and Systems (CPS)

PdM CPS provides total lifecycle management capability to the force.


  • Garrison DCO Platform (GDP): Pre-positioned installation infrastructure enabling cyber teams to remotely conduct DCO missions
  • Deployable DCO System (DDS): Multi-configurable air transportable deployable kit that supports DCO deployed missions
  • DCO Tool Suite: Software applications that enable Cyber Mission Forces to perform DCO missions executed and managed on DCO platforms
  • Forensics & Malware Analysis: Provides the enterprise-level function to detect, analyze, mitigate, and eradicate malicious IT threats (malware) on defended networks
  • Advanced Sensors: Customized sensors to detect advanced persistent threats

Cyber Analytics and Detection (CAD)

PdM CAD provides capabilities that help soldiers analyze and detect external and internal cyber threats to the Army.


  • Cyberspace Analytics: A cyber threat/vulnerability hunting capability that rapidly ingests, correlates, analyzes, and visualizes large volumes of data
  • DCO Mission Planning: Integrates wargaming, control, app store, intelligence threat/ vulnerability analysis, execution/assessment to support cyber operations, mission command, and planning.
  • User Activity Monitoring: Provides the ability to identify malicious or unintentional insider cyber threat activity
  • Threat Emulation: Model enemy activity for training and wargaming.

Project Lead, Allied Information Technology (AIT)

AIT supports the Army’s security assistance mission by developing, delivering and sustaining non-standard command, control, communications, computers and intelligence capabilities on behalf of foreign allies and partner nations around the globe, primarily through the foreign military sales process, but also under the auspices of various building partner capacity programs, congressionally-mandated funding initiatives and other security cooperation enterprise activities.

Director, Applied Cyber Technologies (ACT)

ACT is DCO's segue to transforming defensive cyber capabilities into innovative solutions. ACT provides physical environments for industry and stakeholders to collaboratively implement agile acquisition strategies, test and evaluate the functionality of defensive cyber products, and maintain the health and wellness of capabilities. The director manages the Forge, Armory, DevOps, continual integration, anytime training, and capability optimization. Prototypes are acquired by leveraging industry expertise and partnerships, using the Cyber Operations Broad Responsive Agreement (COBRA) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA).


  • Increased effective operational life cycle of cyber capabilities
  • Improved affordability
  • Reduced risk – early planning during industry, academia, and DoD collaboration
  • Increase interoperability
  • Rapid assessments and down selection of technology
  • Expedited transition of capabilities
  • Rapid prototype capability delivery
  • Direct user community interaction

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Col. Chad Harris
Project Manager Defensive Cyber Operations

Lt. Col. Leilani M. Tydingco-Amarante
Product Manager Cyber Analytics and Detection

Lt. Col. Michael Lind
Product Manager Cyber Platforms and Systems

Joe Kobsar
Director, Applied Cyber Technologies

Andrew Strand
Project Lead Allied Information Technology

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