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Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS)

DCATS enables information dominance for the Army, Department of Defense, National Command Authority, and International Partners by acquiring, implementing, and sustaining strategic satellite and terrestrial communication systems, and by leading technologies to meet current and future requirements.

Project Manager COL Enrique Costas, leads a globally dispersed team of more than 300 military, civilian, matrixed and contractor personnel managing eight major programs for more than 45 customer organizations with an annual budget authority of more than $689M.

In supporting the mission of the Army’s Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS), DCATS is responsible for a suite of more than 100 projects, ranging from worldwide strategic satellite communications and Wideband Control systems, long-haul terrestrial microwave, and fiber optic communications systems, to Technical Control Facilities, Combat Service Support communications systems, and critical power infrastructure. There are five product offices within PM DCATS portfolio of operations:

Land Mobile Radio

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)
LMR modernizes Army CONUS and Pacific non-tactical LMR systems in support of installation public safety organizations and functions, including first responder, force protection and other installation management functions.  LMR provides spectrum efficiencies by migrating Army posts, camps and stations to narrowband frequencies as mandated by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.  Since 2003, LMR has supported more than 30 regional and site installs without disruption of public safety functions.

Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems

Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (WESS)
WESS manages the acquisition, development and modernization of enterprise satellite communication systems and state-of-the-art satellite network control and planning systems for use with Defense Satellite Communications Systems (DSCS), as well as Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) and commercial satellite systems.  WESS control systems are deployed worldwide at Wideband Satellite Operation Centers (WSOCs).  Their satellite communications portfolio includes terminal and baseband products that are integrated into a system-of-systems architecture supporting strategic communications infrastructure, Presidential communications, the Defense Information Systems Network, Army LandWarNet, the Ballistic Missile Defense System, and tactical reach-back for deployed forces through DoD satellite communications gateways.


Power Projection Enablers (P2E)
Product Manager (PdM) P2E delivers the full spectrum of OCONUS network, information, and infrastructure modernization services so that Soldiers, Commands and supporting organizations can access, process, and act upon information, anytime, anywhere, thus enabling information dominance across all phases of Joint and Coalition Operations.

I3MP collage

Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP)
The Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP) supports the warfighter through information technology, infrastructure modernization and lifecycle management of the Army’s CONUS Installation Campus Area Networks (ICAN) and strategic command centers. I3MP provides a robust and scalable networked information infrastructure that allows migration to a network-centric, knowledge-based operation, and enhances connectivity between forward-deployed forces with CONUS installation infrastructure. It is a part of the Joint effort to improve and protect LandWarNet by enhancing the infrastructure for better efficiency and effectiveness of the network and Army interoperability across DoD. The program builds network capacity, simplifies and standardizes ICAN, and establishes a foundation for new capabilities.

Contact Information
Project Manager: COL Enrique Costas
Fort Belvoir, VA
(703) 806-9126

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