• Network Modernization

    Network Modernization builds readiness into the U.S. Army network by creating a single, secure standards-based network at U.S. Army installations.

  • Command Center Modernization: Explained

    Designed to enable the Army to “fight tonight,” an Home Station Mission Command Center (HSMCC) is a joint operations center that nests within the mission command network to provide expeditionary, uninterrupted mission command through a network of intuitive, secure, standards-based capabilities adapted to commanders’ requirements and integrated into a common operating environment.

  • RCAS Products and Services

    RCAS provides integrated, web-based software solutions and support services that enhance efficiencies for the Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve in maintaining mobilization, safety, personnel and force authorization requirements. RCAS provides IT infrastructure design and implementation to the U.S. Army Reserve Command for military construction projects.

  • GCSS-ARMY - Automated Logistics for the 21st Century

    The army is changing the way it conducts maintenance, property accountability and requisitioning supplies. According to officials, the lack of communication between stovepipe or sustainable systems will become a thing of the past with the implementation of GCSS-Army.

  • GCSS-Army

    By leveraging advanced technologies and best practices the Army is implementing a comprehensive logistics system, providing them with unprecedented visibility, mobility and responsiveness, with an integrated supply maintenance distribution operation.

  • Distributed Learning System (DLS)

    Army e-Learning is a critical component of the Army’s training capabilities. The network infrastructure upon which the system runs is developed by the Distributed Learning System and PEO EIS.

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