Product Lead for Enterprise Computing (PL EC) Hosting AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2016 Workshop

Joshua Prible, PL EC
July 14, 2016

The Product Lead for Enterprise Computing (PL EC) announced that it will host a workshop from 0800-0900 on 3 August 2016 at the AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2016conference. The workshop will cover two of PL EC’s initiatives: Army Application Migration and the Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD).

Speakers include Ms. Johanna Curry, Project Officer for the Army Application Migration Business Office (AAMBO) and Mr. Dennis Kelly, Product Lead for Enterprise Computing.

Workshop topics will include:

  • How the Army will rationalize its portfolio of systems and applications
  • The Army’s migration process and AAMBO’s role in tracking and reporting the movement of applications across the enterprise
  • Discussion on FedRAMP and DoD’s Provisional Authorization processes and how the Army leverages this existing data for assessment and authorization
  • Discussion on cloud services contract requirements and how to manage the risk of using non-DoD federal contracts for DoD cloud
  • Plans for shared support, common/utility services implementation, and security services for all enterprise environments
  • What is the Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD) Federation and who does it serve?
  • Various initiatives under AESD
  • Discussion of AESD Strategic goals for the near term


One hour of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for participating in this workshop.

About PL EC 
PL EC provides future-focused solutions that modernize and optimize enterprise information technology activities through cost-effective and policy-compliant delivery of cutting edge infrastructure and services. PL EC is identified as the lead for cloud initiatives identified by the Department of Defense and Army as they are develop and are matured to a point requiring program management support. One of PL EC’s key initiatives is The Army Application Migration Business Office (AAMBO). AAMBO is the Army’s central office for application migration, providing planning support for the movement of approximately 12,000 applications to enterprise environments.

About AESD 
AESD provides the single point of contact for all LandWarNet (LWN) IT service requests, issues, or inquiries. The AESD provides round the clock support services to Army sites and functional organizations. It is the primary point of contact for LWN IT service consumers in CONUS and is integrated with the Army NetOps facilities providing IT service operations within each of the theaters. The AESD provides the focal point for coordination with DOD and Army support organizations.

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