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Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) is a critical provider, modernizing and managing the Army’s network and enterprise business systems.

Our diverse portfolio of 36 program offices and 71 acquisition programs supports and fields Army and Department of Defense (DOD) communications, logistics, medical, finance, personnel, training and procurement systems for every domain, branch, unit and Soldier in the Army. From logisticians managing the Army’s depots, to commanders making important strategic and operational decisions, to engineers building a high-speed IT network in the Republic of Korea, PEO EIS programs support every Soldier, every day around the world.

In December 2022, PEO EIS established a Chief Information Office (CIO) to align the PEO with the Army and DOD Digital Transformation Strategies and priorities. The new CIO function serves to integrate our previously standalone portfolios, the Business Mission Area and Enterprise Information Environment Mission Area. Our six project management office portfolios — including the Army’s data, finance and accounting, human capital and logistics, defensive cyber, enterprise services and network modernization-related programs — have been brought together, enabling the PEO and project managers to provide integrated solutions in support of the Army Data Plan, Cloud Plan and Unified Network Plan.

Our Challenge

In today’s contested environment, you can’t win a war without accurate, real-time data, the network or the systems upon which they reside.

When it comes to the products and services we provide, we stand apart from other PEOs. You can’t see, touch or feel code — the 1s and 0s used to create software applications — but tangibles, such as communication towers, the miles of fiber used to build infrastructure, and satellite terminals, connect the Army and our Soldiers in their missions.    

PEO EIS is the backbone of the Army, moving vehicles; ensuring Soldier pay, training and financial assistance for education; helping leaders make informed decisions; and providing Soldiers with critical infrastructure, systems that logistically track weapons, the latest cyber capabilities and the ability to quickly access accurate information from enterprise networks anywhere and anytime. We are a critical player in the Army’s people, readiness and modernization strategy frameworks, directly linked to who we are, how we fight and win, and how we develop leaders and manage talent.

Looking Ahead

From helping to build and defend the unified network, to modernizing enterprise business systems, to providing artificial intelligence/machine learning-capable applications for data-driven decision-making, PEO EIS’ solutions enable today’s Soldiers to become the multi-domain operations-ready force of tomorrow and help build the Army of 2030. The Army of 2030 will provide the Joint Force with trained and ready forces, capable of combined arms maneuver in a multi-domain operating environment.


Rapidly deliver integrated, innovative and cost-effective systems and services for the total force, globally connecting the Army and providing a decisive information advantage to every Soldier.


Be the recognized leader in delivering integrated and cost-effective information systems and information technology solutions across the DOD.

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