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Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) provides and manages the information technology network and day-to-day business systems that keep the Army running. 

The diverse portfolio of 36 program offices and 71 acquisition programs supports and fields Army and Department of Defense communications, logistics, medical, finance, personnel, training and procurement systems for every domain, branch, unit and Soldier in the Army. 

PEO EIS has two strategic areas of operations: Business Mission Area, which encompasses the Army’s finance and accounting, human capital and logistics programs, providing leaders with the data needed to make informed decisions; and Enterprise Information Environment Mission Area, which comprises the Army’s defense cyber, enterprise services and network-related programs.

Harnessing Data to Ensure Readiness

Providing Army leaders with the data they need to make informed decisions is critical to readiness. PEO EIS leads the Army's effort to modernize and merge stovepiped legacy systems into one integrated enterprise to make data accessible, reliable and intuitive, so Soldiers have what they need to complete the mission. PEO EIS is building the Army’s comprehensive data management platform designed to integrate data from new and legacy systems in any form and at any scale. PEO EIS’s enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) provide timely logistics visibility, enhance operational decision-making and deliver the Army's logistics, financial and personnel solutions, improving operational readiness around the world. PEO EIS is a key partner in supporting Army data and cloud migration initiatives to transition the Army from the industrial age to the information age, improving the user experience for Soldiers, reducing costs associated with legacy systems and improving reliability and disaster recovery. 

Modernizing the Network

The network is the military’s foundational weapons platform. A resilient and interoperable joint network connected across the tactical, strategic and enterprise levels is more critical than ever. Aligned with the Army's network modernization efforts, PEO EIS is shrinking the physical footprint of the existing network, piloting innovative modernization efforts, reducing costs and introducing advanced technical solutions that increase capabilities and secure global connectivity. Delivering uninterrupted connectivity to Army posts, camps and stations across the globe is critical and made possible through PEO EIS’s terrestrial and satellite communications systems, and enterprise systems. PEO EIS also provides the hardware, software and tools to proactively defend the Army’s network from cyber attacks.

Reforming the Acquisition Process

Improving software development and increasing use of other transaction authorities (OTAs) to speed up the acquisition process are two important ways in which cost savings and acquisition reform can be achieved. PEO EIS is helping support acquisition reform by using agile approaches to software development, employing commercial-off-the-shelf products where feasible and conducting rapid prototyping of new systems. The organization also has been making broad use of OTAs, enabling ongoing input from vendors and hastening the implementation of systems that keep Soldiers connected and ready.

PEO EIS is transforming the way the Army does business through innovative acquisition solutions that ensure Army readiness. PEO EIS supports every Soldier, everywhere, every day.

PEO EIS Mission

Rapidly deliver integrated, innovative and cost-effective systems and services for the total force, globally connecting the Army and providing a decisive information advantage to every Soldier.

PEO EIS Vision

Be the recognized leader in delivering integrated and cost-effective information systems and information technology solutions across the Department of Defense.


To learn more about PEO EIS, see this fact sheet.

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