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Army Vantage is a comprehensive data management platform designed to integrate data from new and legacy systems in any form and at any scale. The program enables the Army to “see itself” by providing senior leaders, Soldiers, staff and analytic communities with a common, integrated data platform to visualize and analyze the current and predicted future state(s) of the Army.

Formerly known as the Army Leadership Dashboard, Army Vantage offers near real-time visibility and access to Army data sources, facilitating rapid decision-making while supporting strategic, operational and tactical planning; standardizing the way the Army views and manages current and legacy, structured and unstructured data; and providing a continuous real-time perspective into the pulse of the entire Army.

In December 2019, the Army awarded a four-year production agreement for Army Vantage. The solution has already shown value by providing active-duty commanders and staff — from the division down to company level — with an automated set of essential daily tasks. Specifically, it integrates critical personnel and equipment data sources into one command toolkit, enabling a near real-time view of individual and unit-level readiness, providing trend analysis at the division level and surfacing actionable levers and insights at the brigade, battalion and company levels.

Most recently, Army Vantage has helped Army leaders make data-driven decisions in support of the battle against COVID-19.

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This program is managed by Army Data and Analytics Platforms.

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