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Aviation Logistics

The Global Combat Support System - Army (GCSS – Army) Aviation Logistics Product Directorate is developing a major upgrade to the Army’s Tactical Logistics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. One facet of this program, Enterprise Aviation (EAVN), will integrate Aviation into the Army Enterprise and provide commanders at the highest level near real-time visibility of Aviation assets. The system will simplify maintenance business processes, comply with DoD auditability policy, and will have the capability for component level aviation fleet maintenance and management in the Enterprise. It will expand near real-time readiness reporting and aviation-specific centralized/integrated maintenance and fleet management data while enhancing Business Intelligence/Business Warehouse (BI/BW) decision analytics for brigade and below for maintenance, finance, and property. Another upgrade Aviation Logistics will provide is the sunset of the Army War Reserve Deployment System (AWRDS) legacy system. The new, enhanced capability being developed for Army Pre-Positioned Stock (APS) will allow for automated deployment of Brigade-set equipment in less than 96 hours, an exponential increase in efficiency that will greatly benefit deploying and re-deploying soldiers. Once complete, the system will be fielded across the Army and provide new, more efficient capability to more than 51,000 additional users.

Contact Information:
Product Director: Mr. Danny Mahan
Huntsville, AL

(256) 955-7181

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