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Power Projection Enablers Changes Charter

By Russ Price, P2E Communications Team

Photos by: Sam Soleimanifar

On June 30, 2015, COL Mollie A. Pearson relinquished her command as the Product Manager (PdM) for Power Projection Enablers (P2E) to LTC Gregory S. Soulé. The host for the ceremony was Mr. Michael Padden, Project Manager (PM), Installation Information Infrastructure Communications and Capabilities (I3C2). The Change of Charter ceremony was conducted at the 9/11 Heroes Auditorium on Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

COL Pearson was the third PdM for P2E since its inception in April 2009. She took command of P2E on Friday July 13, 2012. During COL Pearson’s tenure, she was nominated for and won the esteemed 2015 Federal 100 Award, and she was selected as one of the top 25 Army Acquisition Officers for the 25th Anniversary of the Army Acquisition Corps. COL Pearson was also nominated for the 2014 Secretary of the Army’s Award for Product Manager of the Year. Upon leaving command, COL Pearson will be attending Army Senior Service College.

On June 30, P2E hosted a farewell luncheon for COL Pearson, with remarks from Mr. Douglas Wiltsie, Program Executive Officer Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS), and Mr. Padden. More than 90 of COL Pearson’s family and friends, P2E colleagues, industry partners, and PEO EIS colleagues celebrated her leadership at the Fort Belvoir Officer’s Club.

In his remarks, Mr. Wiltsie recognized COL Pearson’s superb leadership, her impact on P2E, and her many successes and accomplishments as an acquisition officer who took on increasing responsibilities in her tenure with the organization. Mr. Padden and Mr. Scott Ervin, Deputy P2E, offered heartfelt remarks and farewell gifts as well, many of which were meaningful reminders of the scope and reach of the P2E mission, which covers 16 time zones and nine countries. COL Pearson’s awards included the Meritorious Service Medal and the Signal Regiment’s Bronze Order of Mercury, in addition to the Soldier at Dawn portrait with the PEO EIS coin, several letters of commendation, and a flag that was flown in every P2E location.

COL Pearson closed the luncheon by graciously thanking her team for their hard work and support, and the event closed with a slideshow featuring COL Pearson’s family and colleagues, and many of the stakeholders supported by the P2E program.

LTC Soulé is a Level III Program Management and Level II Information System Certified Army Acquisition Officer with over 18 years of military service. He is a former Infantry officer, and has served in a variety of leadership roles to include a combat tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. In 2008, he transferred to the Acquisition Corps, and was assigned to Program Executive Office (PEO) Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors at Fort Belvoir. He served as Assistant Product Manager and Deputy Product Director for Machine Foreign Language Translation Systems, and was an Assistant Product Manager for Ground Soldier at PEO Soldier.

Thank you for your service and leadership, COL Pearson, and welcome, LTC Soule!

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Posted July 14, 2015