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PD Enterprise Services (PD ES) Statement Regarding Unified Capabilities Contract Award

By Ms. Devorah Goldburg, Public Affairs Office

October 6, 2017 – The Army Contracting Command – Rock Island (ACC-RI) has selected a contractor for the Unified Capabilities (UC) Soft Client Subscription Service contract number W52P1J-17-C-0041- on 15 September 2017. The period of performance consists of one (1) one-year Base Period and four (4) one-year Option Periods.

PDES/Product Lead Enterprise Content Collaboration and Messaging (PL EC2M) will manage the UC contract.

This is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) contract that avoids a capital investment. There are many benefits to COTS including saving money on initial investment, meeting IT requirements while avoiding costs, lowering maintenance investments, cost-effective new upgrades and features and using technology that has already been tested.

The UC Soft Client subscription service will provide the primary means of non-assured voice, video, IM/chat, presence, and desktop (screen) sharing for 1 Million authorized Army Business users on unclassified and classified networks. The UC capability will also interoperate with existing tactical solutions and align with Home Station Mission Command Centers. The end-user capabilities to help the war fighter include the following:

Non-Assured Voice: Users shall have the ability access voice services via a software client (softphone) on any Army approved End User Device (EUD) (e.g., desktop, laptop, and tablet computers; Army mobile devices such as smart phones).

Video: Video conference session hosts shall have the ability to allow/disallow access to the session through the UC Soft Client Subscription Service user interface. Screen Sharing: The Desktop Sharing service shall provide the ability for the host/presenter, or any authorized user designated by the host/presenter to share the entire desktop, a section of the desktop, or an application window.

IM/Chat: The IM/Chat service shall provide the ability for a participant in a two-party or multi-user chat to invite one or more additional users into a multi-user chat session. Presence: The Presence service shall permit end users to update their presence (e.g., Availability Status), and the host server shall in turn broadcast the updated presence information to all the user’s contacts who have an active subscription to that user’s presence information. By default, presence will automatically update based on active, idle, or locked state of the EI.

AT & T Government Services was awarded the UC Soft-Client Subscription Service Contract.


Posted October 06, 2017