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Power Projection Enablers Gains Eighth Army Recognition

By Ms. Brittney M. Brown, Strategic Communications

The Product Manager (PdM) Power Projection Enablers (P2E) office was recently recognized during a ribbon cutting ceremony held for the new Eighth Army Headquarters at Camp Humphreys, Korea. LTG Thomas S. Vandal, Commanding General Eighth Army, gave a heartfelt thanks to members of the P2E family for their support in engineering, installing and testing the Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM) systems within the Headquarters’ facility.

P2E’s C4IM deliverables included providing the necessary infrastructure for proper use of Command Information Displays and Video Teleconference Systems, as well as providing access to several networks. P2E’s PdM LTC Gregory S. Soulé believes P2E’s success within this project, like others, is a result of the team’s relentless pursuit of excellence and efficiency.

“I am extremely proud of the combined P2E team and our capability to deliver to the Eighth Army,” said LTC Soulé. “LTG Vandal’s recognition of the team is greatly appreciated and is indicative of the outstanding teamwork and dedication from all stakeholders involved.”

The engineering and installation of the C4IM systems were conducted through the use of P2E’s military, government civilian, and contractor support. This project was included in Increment 2c of the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) portion of the Yongsan Relocation Plan & Land Partnership Plan (YRP/LPP).

According to P2E’s Duane Rothe, an Integrated Project Team (IPT) lead, P2E provided additional support as the Eighth Army began to put the systems to use.

“As the warfighters’ began to train on the [C4IM] systems, we listened to their suggestions and implemented system changes to more clearly reflect their operational needs and increase the Eighth Army’s operational effectiveness,” said Rothe.

As the YRP/LPP project moves forward, P2E will continue to support the mission through various C4I projects.

“P2E looks forward to continued execution of C4I roll-out, and teaming with our stakeholders to facilitate the movement of the remaining units, critical commands and control headquarters affected by YRP/LPP,” said LTC Soulé.

Posted August 21, 2017