PEO EIS Programs


Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)

Connecting the Global Army, Working for Soldiers
PEO EIS is responsible for managing and providing the information technology network and business systems that Soldiers and the U.S. Army need to operate every day. More than 3,000 military, civilian and contractors make up a geographically dispersed workforce serving as the Army's trusted network and software acquisition professionals including network engineers, program managers, logisticians, IT specialists and cyber security experts. Our diverse portfolio of 37 program offices and 71 acquisition programs support and field Army and DOD communications, logistics, medical, finance, personnel, training and procurement systems for all ten combatant commands, managing approximately $3.5 billion each year. From recruitment to retirement, home station to foxhole, our systems support Soldiers every day around the world making sure they're ready to fight tonight.

Readiness—it’s All About the Data
Providing Army leaders with the data they need to make informed decisions is critical to Army readiness and drives us every day. We’re leading the Army’s effort to modernize and merge legacy stove-pipe systems into one integrated enterprise to make data accessible, intuitive and easy so Soldiers can get what they need and get back to their jobs. Our Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) provide timely logistics visibility, enhance operational decision making, and deliver the Army’s logistics and financial solutions, improving operational readiness around the world. Delivering uninterrupted connectivity to Army posts, camps and stations across the globe is critical and made possible through our terrestrial and satellite communications systems and our enterprise systems.

Modernizing the Network
A resilient and interoperable joint network connected across the tactical, strategic and enterprise levels is more critical than ever. Aligned with the Army’s network modernization efforts, we are shrinking the physical footprint of our existing network, reducing costs and introducing advanced technical solutions that increase capabilities and secure global connectivity. Home Station Mission Command Centers offer a suite of standardized capabilities used at corps, division and theater headquarters allowing expeditionary mission command during all operational phases. A network comprised of intuitive, secured and standards-based capabilities are adapted to a commander’s requirements and integrated into a common operating environment.

Improving Army Business IT Systems
We are the Army’s technical leader for business information systems focused on driving Army transformation through innovation. Our ERPs and business systems are improving the Army’s efficiency and accuracy, facilitating better decision making for leaders through increased resource visibility across the force, specifically through four key programs:

  • General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) is the Army’s financial, asset and accounting management system and the foundation for Army audit readiness. It standardizes, streamlines and shares critical data across the enterprise to advance real-time resourcing decisions.

  • Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-Army), provides modernized supply, maintenance, property book and related financial tracking capabilities from the warehouse and installation level all the way down to the company and supply point level.

  • The Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) is fully fielded and supporting Working Capital funded operations. While in sustainment, the program continues to support critical enhancement initiatives to improve readiness and the Army’s ability to track and manage materiel in real time.

  • The Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) is the first single, fully integrated HR solution that standardizes, streamlines and integrates Soldier personnel and pay processes across the Total Force. From hire to retire, IPPS-A is realizing the Army’s goal of One Soldier, One Record.

Driving Innovative Acquisition Solutions
We’re improving the way we do business through innovative acquisition solutions that break traditional molds to rapidly acquire and deliver critical capabilities, ensuring that the Army is always ready. Other Transaction Authority contracts, like those being used by our Defensive Cyber Operations program for prototype projects, reduce the time it takes to plan and award contracts by leveraging existing vehicles to enter the acquisition process at the production and deployment phase and deliver critical capabilities.

From logisticians managing the Army’s depots, to medics transmitting a wounded Soldier’s vital signs in Afghanistan, and engineers building a high-speed IT network in the Republic of Korea, PEO EIS programs support every Soldier, every day, everywhere.


Rapidly deliver integrated, innovative and cost-effective systems and services for the Total Force, to globally connect the Army and provide a decisive information advantage to every Soldier.


Be the recognized leader in delivering integrated and cost-effective information systems and information technology solutions across the Department of Defense.