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When a soldier is critically wounded, there's the platinum ten minutes when the frontline medics have to stabilize him. Every minute counts, so they must react immediately. Once stabilized, the medic's next order of business is passing the right information quickly, digitally documenting the care from the point of injury is critical. It's the soldier's first medical footprint that provides the tool for assessing treatment of men and women on the battlefield.

DCATS Combat Support Systems

​DCATS provides two off-the-shelf commercial systems that connect combat service support with warfighter logisticians – Combat Service Support Very Small Apperture Terminals (CSS VSAT) and  CSS Automated information Systems Interface (CAISI. CSS VSAT and CAISI get logisticians worldwide reach back connectivity. They digitally transmit critical supply and maintenance transaction.

Information Technology Systems Enabling Army Warfighter and Business Enterprises

PEO EIS enables information dominance by developing, acquiring, integrating and deploying information technology (IT) systems to meet the Army’s demands today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

PEO EIS is comprised of 34 acquisition programs, crossing all functional domains, in all acquisition life cycle phases. Through the hard work and dedication of a workforce of military, government civilians, and contractor support, PEO EIS successfully manages approximately $3.5 billion in IT investments and fields systems around the globe. These systems support Army and DOD-wide communications, logistics, medical, finance, personnel, biometrics, training and procurement operations.

GCSS-Army – Automated Logistics For The 21st Century

The army is changing the way it conducts maintenance, property accountability and requisitioning supplies. According to officials, the lack of communication between stovepipe or sustainable systems will become a thing of the past with the implementation of GCSS-Army.


By leveraging advanced technologies and best practices the Army is implementing a comprehensive logistics system, providing them with unprecedented visibility, mobility and responsiveness, with an integrated supply maintenance distribution operation.

Distributed Learning System (DLS)

Army e-Learning is a critical component of the Army's training capabilities. The network infrastructure upon which the system runs is developed by the Distributed Learning System and PEO EIS.

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