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Task Management Tool (TMT) – Seven Months Since “Go Live” at HQDA

By PD Enterprise Services Public Affairs

February 15, 2018 - In June 2017, the Program Office, Army Enterprise Staff Management System (AESMS) replaced the Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) Tasker Tracking System with a proprietary, commercial-off-the-shelf Task Management Tool (TMT) system for both Non-Secure and Secure Internet Protocol Networks. TMT is automated, enabling the end-to-end tasker lifecycle to be completed electronically within a single application. Not only has TMT increased tasking efficiency, the tool provides transparency and accountability of works in progress and completed assignments.

More than 11,000 trained users at every level have contributed to the tools success—equaling more than 25,000 unique taskers and more than 100,000 tasker assignments on Non-classified Internet Protocol Router (NIPR). TMT has provided a mechanism to handle the volume of assignments apportioned to HQDA. As a result, HQDA has experienced a 33 percent decrease in late taskers and a 14-day reduction in completion time.

AESMS TMT also helped the U.S. Forces Command, Korea manage their tasks and achieved the following:

  • More streamlined business processes
  • Downtime reduced by 40 percent due to Army
  • Logistics Technology Enterprise Systems and Services (ALTESS) hosting
  • Increased staff productivity by more than 25 percent.
  • Central Hosting at ALTESS reduced costs by $2.2 million

To date, Enterprise Tasking Service (ETS) has completed more than 1,300 taskers, allowing HQDA to exchange tasks across the DoD. Moreover, ETS enables HQDA to transfer taskers with other TMT tenants, including the U.S. Forces Command; U.S. Army Reserve Command; U.S. Army European Command; the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Correspondence and Task Management System (CATMS). The TMT allows AESMS to move towards realizing its vision of an enterprise-wide service and task management solution for the Department of the Army.

The TMT allows AESMS to move towards an enterprise-wide, software as a service and task management solution, realizing its vision of becoming a program of record for the Department of the Army.

Additional TMT benefits:

  • Currently deployed at more than 30 organizations and used by approximately 75,000, TMT has increased staff collaboration from 10 percent to 40 percent in every organization measured
  • TMT has capabilities designed specifically for large enterprises, assigning tasks to teams or individuals, creating levels of sub-assignments as needed and ensuring all staff sees task information and deadlines in one location.
  • As situations change, information updates can be provided immediately. TMT assignments can be changed at any time and email notifications are sent automatically to affected parties. As staff members respond, real-time status and responses are visible across the entire organization.

About PD Enterprise Services

In 2016, the U.S. government passed the Modernizing Government Technology Act to streamline, protect and modernize information technology (IT) assets. Project Director (PD) Enterprise Services (ES) supports the Army’s network modernization efforts and strives to enable a globally responsive and regionally aligned network designed to meet the needs of joint force commanders across the full range of military operations. PD ES is responsible for acquiring, fielding, and performing lifecycle sustainment of enterprise level services supporting many of the Army Chief Information Officer’s highest priority enterprise initiatives. The project director provides leadership to a staff of more than 300 government and contractor personnel across six product offices, in three geographic locations.

Posted February 16, 2018