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Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4)

MC4 provides the Army’s solution to the presidential and congressional objectives set forth in 1997 by Title 10, section 1074f, which calls for a medical tracking system for all deployed Service members.

MC4 is a ruggedized system-of-systems containing medical software packages fielded to operational medical forces worldwide. Comprising joint software, commercial and government-off-the-shelf products, MC4 provides the tools necessary to digitally record and transfer critical medical data from the foxhole to medical treatment facilities worldwide.

MC4 integrates, fields and provides technical support for a comprehensive medical information system, enabling lifelong electronic medical records, streamlined medical logistics and enhanced situational awareness for Army operational forces. MC4’s vision is to be the premier enabler of improved tactical health care and better decision making through the power of IT.

Contact Information:
Product Manager: LTC Danny Morton
Fort Detrick, MD
(301) 619-7858

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