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Army Anti-Terrorism

Why anti-terrorism knowledge is important

  • Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, worldwide threat to our Army communities.
  • Extremist beliefs continue to have an anti-Western and anti-U.S. orientation.
  • The insider threat and active shooter threat remain present and real.
  • Our Army must sustain a strong defensive posture to prevent violent acts and protect Army resources (people, infrastructure and information).


The Army executes an anti-terrorism program to prevent terrorist attacks against the Army community in order to protect personnel and ensure continuance of essential military missions. The Army is prepared to defend against and respond to terrorist attacks where necessary.


We accept the obligation to prevent terrorist attacks targeting the Army community, and respond effectively to an attack should our enemy discover and exploit a gap or seam in our protective posture.

2014 Army Anti-Terrorism awareness message

August marks the Army’s fifth annual observance of Anti-terrorism Awareness Month. Please use the link below to access the Anti-terrorism Awareness Message signed by the Sergeant Major of the Army, the United States Army Chief of Staff, and the Secretary of the Army.

Download the Tri-Signed Letter