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Womens History Month

Army PEO EIS celebrates National Women’s History Month this March, joining the nation in an amplified celebration of women’s contributions to this Nation and to our Army. The theme this year is “Working to Form a More Perfect Union: Honoring Women in Public Service and Government.” We think it’s a perfect time and a perfect theme to spotlight some of PEO EIS’ exceptional women leaders and teammates. Throughout the month of March, you will find two spotlights a week on our website and in social media featuring workforce-nominated women leaders at PEO EIS who exemplify the Army values of service and integrity.

Women in the Army

The U.S. Army honors the sacrifices and accomplishments of women who not only shaped our service but also the country.  Women play a vital role in today’s Army; they are the Soldiers on the front-line; they are leaders, officers and noncommissioned officers standing with our troops; they are members of the United States Army Civilian Corps, as well as employers, spouses, mothers and sisters who are critical members of our Army team.

We honor all women for their military and civil service, their support and strength, and their willingness to sacrifice everything to help ensure the freedom and liberty cherished by all Americans. The national theme this year is, “Working to Form a More Perfect Union: Honoring Women in Public Service and Government.  Women’s History Month stands as a further reminder of strength the Army has gained, and will gain through having a high-quality, diverse All-Volunteer Force.

Women have served the United States Army since 1775 and remain an invaluable and essential part of the Army today. Women Soldiers serve on teams as commanders, leaders, doctors, lawyers, engineers, mechanics, aviators, special operators, technologists and combat troops. Women Soldiers made historic strides in 2015, with graduating from Ranger School, to the appointment of the first black female Army surgeon general, to Defense Secretary Ash Carter opening up all military occupational specialties, or MOSs, to women.  For the first time in U.S. military history, as long as they qualify and meet specific standards, women will be able to now more fully contribute to the Defense Department mission.

To the women of the United States Army and the women civilians and contractors who support our Soldiers every day, everywhere, we thank you for your service!