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Installation Information Infrastructure – Communications and Capabilities (I3C2)

I3C2 leverages IT and capabilities through transformation of network infrastructure and services for the Army’s Global Network Enterprise Construct/LandWarNet and the DoD’s Joint Information Environment initiatives. I3C2 is the primary program responsible for acquiring and delivering the generating force network capability required to ensure a single Army network from each post/camp/station to the tactical edge.

I3C2 supports the CIO/G-6, ARCYBER and NETCOM installation-level IT activities by designing and building the network and infrastructure and providing the tools and capabilities to plan, coordinate, synchronize and conduct network operations. I3C2 deploys and modernizes IT infrastructure to provide secure, reliable, survivable, interoperable and standards-based access to data, voice and unified capabilities/communications infrastructure. I3C2 provides these capabilities on classified and unclassified domains, at coalition networks, at permanent fixed installations, at semi-fixed foreword operating base/contingency operating base sites and at mobile ground operations. I3C2 enables and preserves the Soldier’s global connectivity and worldwide presence.

Contact Information:
Project Manager: COL Chad Harris
Fort Belvoir, VA
(703) 806-8626

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