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Enterprise Services (ES)

In October 2015, the Project Director, Enterprise Services (ES) was re-organized to increase efficiencies and better align resources around the many Army enterprise-level information technology (IT) services, hardware, software and knowledge-based human resources (HR) services projects and initiatives that it supports.

ES procures, develops, delivers, and sustains enterprise level IT products and services that enable end-to-end communication, collaboration, messaging, content management, and application hosting across the Army.  In addition, ES provides the Army with HR resources and services to sustain and maintain a mission-ready workforce. ES is responsible for the delivery of mission essential enterprise services to the tactical edge.  ES leads transformation of the Army’s legacy IT products and services to a shared enterprise services model—enabling a seamless, integrated front end for the Soldier on any trusted device, anywhere, anytime. Specifically:

  • Enabling content, collaboration, and messaging services across the enterprise and transitioning legacy Army Knowledge Online (AKO) services to the next generation of services

  • Reducing IT modernization and lifecycle management costs through a standardized Enterprise Services architecture

  • Providing flexible, no-fee procurement strategy for commercial off the shelf (COTS) IT hardware, software and services

  • Delivering centrally managed, timely, cost effective and high quality performance-based Human Resource services in the following functional areas:

    • Personnel Services and Support
    • Studies and Analysis
    • Recruitment and Retention
    • Management and Administrative Support

  • Fielding and sustaining an Enterprise Service Desk to provide a one-stop help desk for enterprise services

  • Products and Services
    ES consists of five organizations: Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Enterprise Systems and Services (ALTESS); Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS); Enterprise Computing (EC); Enterprise Content, Collaboration and Messaging (EC2M); and Human Resources Solutions (HR Solutions).

    Contact Information
    Project Director: Mr. Thomas Neff
    Fort Belvoir, VA
    (703) 704-1600

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