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Defense-Wide Transmission Systems (DWTS)

DWTS is responsible for life cycle management of major defense terrestrial and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) programs, including the Combat Service Support (CSS) Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI), the CSS SATCOM Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), and the Terrestrial Transmissions (TT) programs.

The CAISI program allows current and emerging battlefield CSS automation devices to electronically exchange information via tactical networks. CAISI also interfaces with other battlefield and sustaining base automated systems. CAISI provides unit commanders and logistics managers with an interface device to support CSS doctrine for full spectrum operations. This capability supports non-contiguous concentrations of users and the transfer of real-time information in both fixed and mobile operating environments.

Satellite Dish Installation

The CSS SATCOM VSAT program provides a worldwide commercial SATCOM network, engineering services, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), infrastructure and portable remote terminal units in support of Army CSS Logistics Information Systems (LIS) operating from garrison or deployed within the tactical and operational battle space.  CSS VSAT provides a highly effective, easy to use, transportable SATCOM-based solution to CSS nodes.  It supports information exchange up to the Sensitive level, is rapidly deployable anywhere in the world, and is fully integrated into the NIPRNet segment of the GIG.

The TT program provides lifecycle replacement (hardware and software) of existing multimedia transport and network management systems; upgrades existing operational transport (hardware and software) systems; and supports expansion of existing transport systems, fiber optic cable, and network management systems.

In addition, DWTS is charged with operating state-of-the-art technical control facilities.  It provides and sustains the Global Command Terrestrial Communications Program (GCTC), including Long Haul Communications and Video Teleconference support to classified Special Users. DWTS also manages the implementation of the Spectrum Relocation program.

DWTS is part of the Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS) portfolio of programs.  With an annual budget authority of more than $550M, DCATS enables information dominance for the Army, Department of Defense, National Command Authority and International Partners by acquiring, implementing and sustaining strategic satellite and terrestrial communication systems, and by leading technologies to meet current and future requirements.

Contact Information
Product Lead: LTC August Muller
Fort Belvoir, VA
(703) 806-9121

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