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Distributed Learning System (DLS)

DLS acquires, deploys and maintains a worldwide, distributed learning system to ensure our nation’s Soldiers receive critical training for mission success.

DLS provides a worldwide IT infrastructure that innovatively combines hardware, software and telecommunications resources with training facilities and Web-based applications to deliver training for Soldiers and Army civilians anytime, anywhere. Deployed Digital Training Campuses (DDTC), a component of DLS, delivers multimedia courseware to Soldiers deployed in operational areas.

The DDTC is designed to Army requirements to be expeditionary and self-contained. Each DDTC can be set up in less than two hours, and is equipped with 20 laptop workstations, Internet accessibility, video tele-training, VoIP and designated satellite access.

Contact Information:
Deputy Product Lead: Mr. Glenn Maravillas
Newport News, VA
(757) 878-0433 x2901

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