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Department of Defense Biometrics
(DoD Biometrics)

The project management office for Department of Defense Biometrics (DOD Biometrics) designs, engineers, acquires, deploys, and sustains enterprise biometric solutions in multiple operating environments enabling identity dominance on the battlefield and across the Department of Defense. These solutions, including biometric tactical collection devices and the authoritative biometric data repository, enable identity dominance for U.S. forces, interagency partners, and international allies on the battlefield and around the globe.

DOD Biometrics systems capture, transmit, store, manage, share, retrieve, and display biometric data of non-U.S. threat forces for timely identification or identity verification. These systems are mission-enablers for force protection, intelligence, physical and logical access control, identity management/credentialing, detention and interception operations. With a project management forward organization in Iraq and Afghanistan, DOD Biometrics provides biometrics support to the overseas contingency operations including counter intelligence, Iraqi and Afghani security force screening, detainee operations, cache and post- IED incident exploitation, intelligence operations, presence operations, local population control, seizure operations, and base access control.

DOD Biometrics protects the nation through identity dominance by enabling responsive, accurate, and secure biometrics, any place and any time, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of State, and other government agencies and international partners. DOD Biometrics has transformed the current environment (which was based on legacy stovepipe pilot programs, advanced concept technology demonstrations (ACTD), and rapid equipping force (REF) projects) to enduring capabilities. Biometrics is moving towards an enterprise system-of-systems staged architecture composed of strategic, operational, and tactical components.

Organizations within PM DOD Biometrics include:

Biometrics Enabling Capability (BEC)
Product Manager, Biometrics Enabling Capabilities (PM BEC) designs, engineers, develops, acquires, deploys, and sustains an enterprise biometrics system that serves as the DOD’s authoritative biometrics repository. The storage, matching, and sharing of biometric data allows coalition forces to identify known or suspected adversaries around the globe. This biometrics system enables identity superiority across the DOD as part of the PM BEC program of record.

Products and Services

  • Department of Defense Automated Biometrics Identification System (DOD ABIS), also known as the Next Generation Automated Biometric Identification System.

Products and Services

  • Biometric Automated Toolset – Hand Held (BAT-HH)
  • Biometric Automated Toolset – Army (BAT-A)


Contact Information
Project Manager: COL Donald Hurst
Alexandria, VA
(703) 697-2861

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