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November 21, 2016

PL CHESS Doug Haskin Talks Contracts and Reverse Auction at Federal IT Acquisition Summit

By PD ES Strategic Communications

On Nov. 16, 2016 Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Product Lead (PL) Doug Haskin Spoke at the Federal IT Acquisition Summit in Washington D.C.

“The Federal IT Acquisition summit gives us a chance to connect with industry. We relish the chance to speak with industry and potential partners and answer their questions,” said Haskin.

The Federal IT Acquisition Summit provides acquisition and management professionals with insights into key trends and developments in federal IT. During the breakout sessions, IT and acquisition leaders discussed how agencies will address key issues around cyber security, IT modernization and the cloud. The summit also featured training and education around acquisition trends and major federal IT acquisition vehicles.

Haskin briefed IT industry experts on CHESS’ Information Technology Enterprise Solutions Hardware (ITES-3H) and Information Technology Enterprise Solutions Software (ITES-SW) contracts. In addition to CHESS contracts, Haskin finished the session with a question and answer forum regarding the new Reverse Auction capability on the CHESS website.

“Several years ago the Army Contracting Command released guidance on the use of reverse auctions for simple services. In a traditional auction, you have a single seller, multiple buyers and the goal is to bid the price up as high as possible. In a reserve auction environment you have a single buyer and multiple sellers and they’re bidding the price down,” said Haskin.

The reverse auction feature allows vendors to see their competitor’s lowest bid at any time. The feature also provides opportunities for vendors to resubmit lower bids as the auction advances. “In the time that we’ve had the reverse auctions, we’ve seen about 2.7 million dollars in cost savings,” Haskin added.

Haskin's appearance at the Federal IT Acquisition Summit is another example of PD ES' ongoing speaking calendar supporting its mission as leaders in the IT industry.