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By Dr. Simuel Shaw III, Integrated Project Team Leader, P2E, and Ms. Brittney M. Brown, Strategic Communications Specialist, P2E

The TiBs provided to P2E’s stakeholder, the 335th Signal Command.
The TiBs provided to P2E’s stakeholder, the 335th Signal Command.

Power Projection Enablers (P2E) is equipping U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) with enhanced IT and communication capabilities. In late September, P2E–Southwest Asia delivered and deployed mission command nodes (MCN) and technical control facilities in a box (TiB) to the CENTCOM area of responsibility (AOR). The 335th Theater Signal Command (P) accepted these systems on behalf of the combatant command and is responsible for putting them into full operation. MCN and TiB systems are mobile data centers that operate as communication hubs in austere locations throughout the CENTCOM AOR. These systems provide a portfolio of adaptive and reliable voice, data and video services for down-trace units. They also extend networks from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, to the AOR and reduce the need for pulling services through Bagdad, Iraq, and Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina. MCNs and TiBs will provide many critical services locally and reduce latency and reliance on long haul line usage.

Designed by personnel with experience in Operations Inherent Resolve and Freedom’s Sentinel, MCNs and TIBs can be deployed anywhere in the world. They consist of 20 durable, ruggedized transit cases with about five unclassified and classified networks that are transportable by air or ground platforms. The systems’ data, voice and video features enhance the ability of Soldiers and commanders to communicate across multiple network enclaves with built-in layered security features that protect sensitive information riding over the internet. Network capabilities include the capacity to host up to 1,000 computers, Voice over Internet Protocol phones and 20 printers. Additional hardware and software services include Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Tactical Local Area Network remote management, Wide Area Network acceleration, Terminal Access Controller Access Control System, Host Based Security System, Blue Coat web proxy, NETSCOUT packet capture and virtual machine management servers.

The unsung heroes within this project are P2E’s logistics team members, according to Dr. Simuel Shaw III, the integrated product team lead for MCN/TiB. “Our integrated logistics support provided immeasurable relief to our integrated product team,” said Dr. Shaw. “They managed to mitigate logistical obstacles throughout the MCN/TiB delivery and orchestrated the transfer of over 54 Zarges cases from Weilheim, Germany, to Charleston, South Carolina, to St. Louis, Missouri, then to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. This wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

The logistics team traced close to 400 individual pieces of equipment from post to post. Mr. James Hayes, the MCN/TiB logistics analyst, said the team’s diligence resulted in a 100 percent inventory accountability of materials upon their arrival in Kuwait. “The assembly of the six MCNs and TiBs delivered to the 335th Signal Command required each of those individual pieces of equipment to be accounted for,” said Mr. Hayes. “If just one of those pieces had been misplaced or unaccounted for, it would’ve delayed our ability to provide a complete product to our stakeholder.”

Mr. Tony Lau, an Information Systems Engineering Command engineer, conducted quality control and assurance checks upon product arrival at Camp Arifjan, ensuring that technical and performance specifications were met during system acceptance testing. His contributions were immeasurable in government acceptance of the TiB systems. P2E’s MCN/TiB project team also included Mr. Andre Turpin, integrated logistics support; Mr. James Hayes, logistics analyst; Mr. Kurt Conrad, scheduler; Ms. Leslie Jones, integrated logistics support; and Mr. Bryan Derrickson, program management support.

Posted November 13, 2017