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PEO EIS Holds Unified Capabilities Industry Information Exchange

By Alison Dickson-Kozloski, PD ES, and Andi Fehl, PD EC2M

Mr. Douglas Wiltsie introduces the first annual Unified Capabilities Information Exchange
David J. Baker
Mr. Douglas Wiltsie introduces the first annual Unified Capabilities Information Exchange

The Project Director, Enterprise Services (PD ES) and Product Director, Enterprise Content Collaboration and Messaging (PD EC2M) successfully conducted an industry information exchange March 12-14, 2014. The event was synchronized with the Feb. 28 release of the UC Request for Information (RFI) and consisted of an all-day general session and two days of one-on-one question and answer discussions between government and industry. The government panels comprised of representatives from Army, Air Force, National Guard Bureau, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). More than 300 civilians, military, contractors and private industry attended the general session, with participation from 37 vendors in the one-on-one sessions.

The intent of this event was to provide industry an opportunity to discuss the RFI with the generating organizations, as well as to provide feedback to the government on acquisition strategies to consider while developing the Request for Proposal (RFP), which will be open for an abbreviated six to nine month acquisition window.

The program was introduced by Mr. Douglas Wiltsie, PEO EIS, with keynotes by Dr. Jennifer Carter, DISA Component Acquisition Executive; Mr. Mike Krieger, Army Deputy CIO/G-6; and Brigadier General Kimberly Crider, U.S. Air Force. A series of panel discussions followed, which highlighted UC requirements, DISA requirements and hosting environment, and transition and information assurance.

The event provided significant market research that may be used to inform potential future acquisition efforts. In addition, discussions with industry partners highlighted where the government may assume risk and how tradeoffs can be made to deploy UC capabilities within desired timeframes.

Posted March 26, 2014