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By By 2LT Chelsea R. Frazier, Joint Network Node Platoon Leader, Charlie Company “Cobras”

SPC Tony Jobin conducting initial setup of the new DDTC system
SPC Tony Jobin conducting initial setup of the new DDTC system

FOB Airborne Welcomes DDTC

In August 2013, the JNN12 Signal Team, from Charlie Company 4-3 STB, enjoyed the opening day for the Deployed Digital Training Campus (DDTC) - serving as the Education Center on FOB Airborne, Afghanistan. What exactly is a DDTC? The DDTC is a mobile, networked system of 20 workstations, servers, and supplementary equipment which connects to the web via satellite. The system, managed and deployed by PEO EIS’ Product Director Distributed Learning System (DLS), provides training resources for deployed Soldiers around the globe to continue their education without interruption. Designed to Army requirements to be expeditionary and self-contained, DDTC systems are able to operate within any geographic region to include those areas where telecommunication infrastructures do not exist.

DDTC very-small-aperature terminal (VSAT) dish

The DDTC provides access to online training to include delivery of web-based courses; courses delivered by Video Tele-Training, Voice over IP (VoIP), collaborative training tools, and access to Army Learning Management System (ALMS), Virtual BattleSpace 2 (gaming) and Army eLearning courses.

The DDTC is modular in design and consists of 21 notebook computers, local and wide-area network equipment, and a SATCOM Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT).

The DDTC system employed by the JNN12 Signal Team was completely set up and ready to go in less than two hours. The system was strategically emplaced in a suitable room in the Mayor Cell – an easily accessible central building on FOB Airborne.

What Does it Provide?

The DDTC provides dedicated education capabilities to conduct career training such as structured self-development (SSD) level I-IV; reach back capabilities to Army proponent schools, and wide-area and local-area access to collaboration applications. Also, the DDTC system provides Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) – a fully interactive system providing high definition training. Soldiers learn to anticipate and respond to tactical situations by practicing existing and developing tactics, techniques and procedures using the VBS2 trainer. The DDTC system provides all of these resources to over 1,400 Soldiers located on FOB Airborne.

The DDTC is operated primarily by Specialist Nicholas Hayes, (Signal Company Operator). Our Education Center provides a quiet working environment with 13 notebook computers to conduct educational related tasks from the hours of 1300-2300, seven days a week. Specialist Hayes works closely with the lead DDTC help desk representatives located at the Enterprise Management Center in Fort Eustis, Virginia to ensure all problems are resolved in a timely manner, and that all users are aware of how to use and access all DDTC features.

SPC Hayes troubleshooting minor issues with the DDTC FSRs

“I would love to use this system back at Fort Stewart, Ga.,” said SPC Hayes. “Having a designated area just for our [brigade], with multiple computer access is very ideal for Soldiers to conduct Sergeant’s Time Training, and other Army/educational related requirements.”

While the majority of the Soldiers on FOB Airborne requested to use the Education Center to complete SSD level I; a few senior NCOs were interested in completing higher lever SSDs. After a typical duty day, Soldiers have plenty of time to take advantage of the Education Center to complete educational related tasks and assignments.

“While deployed I made a personal goal to complete SSD level III,” said SSG DeWayne Bell, signal foreman for the 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry. “Thankfully, having the education center allows me to complete all of my educational goals.”

Major Components

The DDTC system uses training management application software such as the Saba Learning program to maintain training and education records in accordance with the Army Learning Management System (ALMS)

FOB Airborne Education Center

FOB Airborne education center
To name a few, the DDTC system provides access to the following distributed learning courses:
  • Correspondence courses
  • Advanced leader courses
  • Mandatory Training
  • Army Learning Management System (ALMS) Courses
  • Army Training Requirements and Resource Systems (ATRRS) Courses
  • Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Courses
  • Reimer Digital Library (RDL) Army Training and Education Network Courses

During this nine-month deployment Commanders aim to maximize Soldiers comprehensive training while in a high-tempo and demanding environment. The intent is to provide Soldiers the opportunity to enroll in college courses, and structured self-development courses in order to gain promotion points and enhance their careers. Investing in a Soldier’s education produces long-term opportunities whether they may choose to stay in the military or not. Yes, we are heavily dedicated to ensuring our Soldiers are proficient in their warrior tasks and drills; however, developing our Soldiers academically and professionally is an essential part of our mission here in Afghanistan.

Posted January 22, 2014