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No Looking Back for Team LMP

By Christine McMahon, LMP Public Affairs

With the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) Increment 2 Milestone B in the rearview mirror, the LMP team turns its attention to the program’s three main efforts – Increment 1 sustainment, transition of services and Increment 2 fielding.

In addition to compliance and other sustainment efforts, the LMP Increment 1 team continued work with AESIP on Business Objects (BO) business intelligence tool, which provides self-service access to data, enables enhanced data analysis, facilitates rapid and collaborative decision making, and provides improved performance tracking and asset visibility through detailed reporting, queries and dashboard views. The team is working to enable LMP data within the AESIP BO tool to allow for greater reporting capability at Army Materiel Command (AMC).

The LMP team also is working with AMC, PEO EIS, Army Shared Services Center (Army-SSC), and Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Enterprise Systems and Services (ALTESS) transitioning LMP from Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to the government. CSC’s role as the lead systems integrator will be taken over by Army-SSC and ALTESS will host the system.

Wave 1 of LMP Increment 2 is set for limited fielding in December 2013. This wave includes the beginning of enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration and reengineering, which will include interfaces with AESIP for syndicated manufacturing part numbers and automatic returns item list, as well as BO functionality. These will be released into the system for all LMP users. Parallel to Wave 1 limited fielding, the team will be building and testing Wave 2, which will further enhance ERP integration and reengineering with e-procurement, total package fielding, and enterprise data warehouse, as well as provide non-Army managed items and Army Prepositioned Stock functionality.

With future LMP Increment 2 milestones set firm in their sights, along with compliance, sustainment and transition of services work, the LMP team is looking forward to continuing its efforts to strengthen AMC’s support to Soldiers around the world.

Posted November 19, 2013