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MC4 First Recipient of Health IT Award

By Rachel Collins, MC4 Strategic Communications Office

Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) was honored by the American Council for Technology (ACT) and the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) on March 24 as the first recipient of the Excellence in Health IT award, a new award category this year.

The award recognizes MC4’s work in continuing to provide deployed medical personnel with the means to electronically document soldier care, order medical supplies and provide commanders situational awareness.

“This isn’t about us or the MC4 staff; this award is for all the Soldiers who will benefit from having confidence that the injury or care they received in combat is recorded in their records,” MC4 Deputy Product Manager Orlando J. Illi said at the award reception.

“Their electronic records will continue to serve them if they make a claim with the VA after they retire or separate from the Army,” he continued. “This award is for all the Soldiers who were positively impacted by having an electronic medical record since 2003.”

The MC4 system has collected and transmitted more than 21.6 million electronic patient encounters since its initial operating capability in 2003.

“MC4 is a critical enabler to our commanders and Soldiers in the field as well as back in garrison,” said Reginald L. Bagby, portfolio manager of Enterprise Management Systems at Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS). “Active Duty and the Army National Guard alike reap the benefit of the MC4 electronic medical record system. It is one of those programs where no one ever has to question its value.”

Posted April 02, 2014