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IPPS-A Gets Closer to Fielding Increment I and Developing Increment II

By Alan Morales, IPPS-A staff

Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army Project Manager COL Robert McVay explains the system’s benefit to Adjutant General subject matter experts.

The IPPS-A team continued to make a great deal of progress over the last few months in developing and testing IPPS-A Increment I. In March, the IPPS-A team held an Increment I design In-Progress Review (IPR) which brought together key players to ensure development of Increment I was on track before beginning system integrator product level testing. As a result, IPPS-A anticipates an Increment I Milestone C Decision in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013.

The IPPS-A team also launched an outreach campaign in early March to raise awareness about IPPS-A and its cornerstone product the Soldier Record Brief (SRB). The SRB is a multi-component report which will standardize Army record briefs and eventually replace the Officer and Enlisted Record Briefs (ORB and ERB). The campaign resulted in placements in over one million copies of magazines, article placements, and distributed emails.

The IPPS-A team also continued to work on the system’s Increment II Milestone B Decision, which is projected to occur in calendar year 2013. The team already released an Increment II system integrated services RFP to vendors in mid-February and plans to award a contract after an Increment II Milestone B Decision is granted.

Posted July 24, 2013