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IPPS-A Brings Army Human Resources into the 21st century

By Amanda Koons IPPS-A Communications Support

Alexandria, Va. – The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A) Increment II program achieved its Milestone B December 19, 2014, with an approval from the Defense Acquisition Board. This decision authorized IPPS-A to enter into the Development and Fielding phase for Increment II. The decision also authorized IPPS-A to move forward with the IPPS-A Increment II Systems Integration Services Contract, which was awarded to CACI-ISS, Inc. of Chantilly, Virginia on December 29, 2014. “We are looking forward to working with our new industry partner to begin Increment II and keep IPPS-A moving toward its goal of one integrated personnel and pay record for every Soldier,” said Col. James (Darby) McNulty, IPPS-A Project Manager.

“The Defense Acquisition Board’s approval of IPPS-A Increment II Milestone B is a vote of confidence in the program and allows us to take the next step toward fielding a system that will improve the lives of Soldiers, Commanders, and human resources professionals,” said McNulty. “We are creating the largest human resources Enterprise Resource Planning system in the world that will integrate personnel and pay capabilities into one system for more than one million Soldiers, from all three Army components.”

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A) is a Web-based Human Resources (HR) system that will provide a comprehensive personnel and pay record for every Soldier in all Army components (Active Army, Army National Guard (ARNG), and United States Army Reserve (USAR)) and will alleviate the Army’s reliance on more than 40 antiquated systems. IPPS-A will offer Soldiers, leaders, and HR professionals a HR system that triggers Soldier pay actions in response to personnel information changes. This system will be the Army’s authoritative and comprehensive source of personnel and pay information for all Soldiers.

The Army is committed to developing and deploying a system that is efficient, comprehensive and meets the needs of today’s modern military. When it is fully deployed, IPPS-A will:

  • Create an integrated personnel and pay record for each Soldier for their entire career.
  • Allow Soldiers to access their personal information 24 hours a day.
  • Ensure access to accurate and timely military personnel data and delivery of benefits to all levels of management.
  • Serve as the authoritative database for personnel and pay data, subsuming many antiquated and disjointed systems.

For more information visit the Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army website at

Posted December 30, 2014