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PM Installation Information Insfrastructure – Communications and Capabilities (I3C2) asked, and Industry answered!

By Brittney Brown, I3C2

Last week, I3C2 hosted a series of Collaboration Days with technology industry experts. The project manager, along with its stakeholder, the Cyber Protection Brigade, articulated various project technical requirements. In return, Industry provided feedback on how the PM can achieve maximum results through the solicitation process.

View the photo album to learn more about their discussion on developing rapid cyber solutions.

The PM hosted Collaboration Days for two of its product offices; PdM Cyber Platforms and Systems (CPS) and PdM DCO Cyber Analytics and Detection (CAD). “We’re (PM I3C2) about solving problems,” said Col. Chad Harris. “Problems come at Soldiers at a rapid pace, and we need teams that can attack those problems as they’re presented.”
More than 30 vendors attended the Collaboration Days held at the Community Center at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Additional attendees included the Army Contracting Command Rock Island (ACC-RI), Mr. Russ Fenton of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), and Soldiers from the Cyber Protection Brigade.
Assistant Product Manager (APM) Kyle Tucker kicked off the series with the Deployable DCO Systems (DDS) and Garrison DCO Platform (GDP) follow-up briefing. GDP and DDS are hardware systems that run cyber software and enable cyber protection teams (CPT) to conduct cyber warfare operations. The GDP is a large, stationary system that will mostly be used by Soldiers conducting operations on post. The DDS is a smaller, deployable version of the GDP will enable CPTs to conduct defensive cyber operations in austere environments. PdM CPS held an initial GDP/DDS Collaboration Day in July 2018.
“The government is looking industry to use innovation when developing solutions to the Army’s cyber requirements,” said Kyle Tucker, an APM for PdM Cyber Protection Systems. “Because of this, the United States government will provide industry with a technical approach to meet requirements, rather than the actual solutions.”
Former Assistant Program Manager (APM) Maj. Shakena Evans briefed the Defensive Cyber Operations Mission Planning (DCOMP) requirements to Industry on August 7, 2018, in the Community Center at Fort Belvoir. DCOMP recently released a command and control platform called PhalanX in July 2018. DCOMP currently operates under PdM Cyber Analytics and Detection.
Russ Fenton, of TRADOC, shortly briefed aspects of mission planning requirements.
Maj. Peter Amara (left), APM for Cyber Analytics, discusses Collaboration Day with an industry representative. Maj. Amara hosted the final Collaboration Day on August 9, 2018.
Industry representatives provide feedback about the solicitation process to PM I3C2 leadership. The PM also held one-on-one sessions with interested vendors following the Collaboration Days. Vendors used one-on-one sessions to present conceptualized solutions to the requirements defined by stakeholders.

Posted September 11, 2018