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Roll Out of Enterprise SharePoint Portal hails in new era for sharing information.

By Lauren Pavlik, PEO EIS CIO Office

Illustrated here is the homepage to the portal where one can begin their SharePoint 2010 adventure.
Illustrated here is the homepage to the portal where one can begin their SharePoint 2010 adventure.

The PEO EIS Chief Information Office(CIO) has successfully deployed an enterprise SharePoint 2010 capability, which will allow us to better leverage knowledge resources across the enterprise. Our tacit knowledge processes are being transformed into efficient, IT-based workflows accessible through one, cohesive knowledge management portal.

This “one-stop-shop” for content management will enhance PEO EIS’ collaboration efforts and will revolutionize the accompanying business processes. For example, a number of existing processes or data calls have been automated including SACO, SCAR, policy management, contacts, organizational charts, Program Management Directorate’s Top Five, weekly staff call slides and TDA. Many solutions have either been deployed already or will be in the very near future for the entire enterprise to utilize.

In addition, programs successfully migrated from previous SharePoint instances to SharePoint 2010 to include; Acquisition Business, Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program) and Power Projection Enablers. All programs have their own site collections to perform their own content management including migrations from Army Knowledge Online or share drives. All these steps have been taken to in accordance with PEO leadership goals and guidance, namely that users across the PEO EIS enterprise will conduct their business on the portal by the end of fiscal year 2013.

Training is available to all on the portal’s homepage via the “Training” tab. If programs would like more hands-on training, please contact the CIO Knowledge Management team for information.

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Posted February 11, 2013