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Army CIO/G-6 Has Approved Automatic Forwarding of AKO Email to Commercial Email

By CIO/G-6

To ease retirees’ and family members’ transition from AKO email to another service, the Army CIO/G-6 recently approved automatic forwarding of AKO email to personal commercial email addresses. This feature became available on Nov. 1, 2013, and will forward email until Dec. 31, 2014. To ensure that no emails are missed, retirees and family members should activate this function in their AKO account profiles as soon as possible.

Instructions for forwarding AKO email to a commercial account (this option is for retirees and family members):

  • Log into AKO
  • Click “My Account”
  • Click the “Mail Options” link under “Mail Preferences”
  • Click “Select Delivery Option” button.
  • Select "Forward Email (Non-AKO Account)"
  • Enter forwarding email address
  • Enter forwarding address again to confirm

Learn more about the AKO Transition.

Posted November 01, 2013