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PEO EIS Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Pacific SATCOM Terminal

By James Christophersen, DCATS strategic communications

The Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Pacific (NCTAMS PAC) commemorated the acceptance of a new state-of-the-art satellite communications (SATCOM) terminal during a ribbon cutting ceremony April 16, 2015, in Wahiawa, Hawaii.

This is the first of three Navy controlled terminals scheduled to be installed at Wahiawa by the U.S. Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Service’s (PEO EIS) Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (WESS) Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET) program, in conjunction with an industry partner, Harris Corporation. WESS plans to install an additional MET terminal co-located in Wahiawa at the Wideband Satellite Operations Center, controlled by Army Strategic Command.

These terminals form a key part of the DOD Teleport System being implemented by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and operated by the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army partnerships worldwide.

“The MET is the most advanced satellite terminal project in the government sector,” said Mr. Douglas Wiltsie, PEO EIS. “MET replaces aging, bandwidth-limited infrastructure with state-of-the-art SATCOM terminals to manage the immense amount of data that the Army is producing today.”

MET installations support U.S. DOD and Allied forces by providing X- and Ka-Band communications utilizing the Wideband Global Satellite Communications, Defense Satellite Communications Systems satellites and XTAR satellites integrating users into the Global Information Grid communications infrastructure.

The successful delivery of the terminal highlights the broad interagency cooperation and coordination required for a project of such grand scale.

“The main objective during this effort was to not only provide a much improved, updated and modernized enterprise terminal to our Navy brethren, but also to accomplish the mission without disrupting [NCTAMS] day-to-day operations,” said LTC Samuel Ancira, WESS Product Manager.

Other key partners on the project include the DISA Teleport Program Office, Tobyhanna Army Depot and the U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command.

The MET Program achieved Initial Operational Capability last year with the delivery and activation of the Fort Belvoir MET in the Washington, D.C., region.

“The Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station in Wahiawa has a long history of being at the forefront of Joint Satellite communications,” said CAPT William Dodge Jr., NCTAMS PAC Commanding Officer. “In 1954, a full three years before the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, Wahiawa was an original moon relay site using the moon to bounce voice and data between Hawaii and Washington, D.C.”

This terminal and the two still planned for installation will continue to enable NCTAMS PAC as “the Pacific Voice of Command” into the next generation of satellite communications.

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Posted May 04, 2015

Farewell to Mr. Dawson Shepherd

By Communications Division, PEO EIS

A fond farewell to Mr. Dawson Shepherd, management analyst from the Army Budget Office, who recently completed a 90 day developmental assignment at PEO EIS' Program Management Division. PEO EIS is proud to support the Army Intern program, and to help develop our future leaders in the acquisition community.

Dawson teamed up with the PMD program analysts group to gain experience from the acquisition financial community. He was a valuable team player and contributed to the efficiency of the organization in his time at PEO EIS.

Thanks for your support, Dawson!

Posted April 17, 2015

CHESS ITES-2S ordering period extended

By Joanna Corcoran

The ordering period for the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Information Technology Enterprise Solutions (ITES)–2S contracts has been extended by 36 months. The extension provides for ordering from April 14, 2015 until April 13, 2018. Ceiling labor rates for fixed price and time and materials-type task orders are held at the ordering period year 9 ceiling rates for the duration of the extension. The updated ordering guide reflecting these changes is in process. Please check the CHESS IT e-mart regularly for updates at

Posted April 07, 2015

COL Mollie Pearson Promoted

By Ellyn Kocher, Communications Division, PEO EIS

Photo credit: Sam Soleimanifar

Mollie Pearson, Product Manager (PdM) for Power Projection Enablers (P2E), was promoted to the rank of Colonel, United States Army, in a ceremony led by Mr. Douglas K. Wiltsie, United States Army Program Executive Officer Enterprise Information Systems, March 27 at the Fort Belvoir Officer’s Club, Fort Belvoir, Va.

COL Pearson’s rank insignia was pinned by her family, and she was presented a Certificate of Promotion by Mr. Wiltsie. In addition to her husband, Clint, and her three children, COL Pearson’s mother, uncle and brother-in-law attended the ceremony, along with many friends and colleagues from throughout her distinguished career.

COL Pearson has over 21 years of Army service, and has been an Acquisition Corps member since 2002. She joined the PEO EIS team in 2008, at the PdM Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (now PM AESIP), and from there served as the Manufacturing Execution System Product Director, before being selected as the PdM P2E. P2E is one of PEO EIS’ most complex and diverse portfolios, scattered across 16 time zones. COL Pearson leads a global team of over 140 people stationed at Fort Belvoir, Germany, Kuwait, Korea, and Hawaii. P2E is responsible for managing the cost, schedule, and performance of installation and modernization of information technology for Soldiers and customers outside the Continental United States (OCONUS).

COL Pearson’s recent awards and recognitions include the 2015 Federal 100 Award and selection as one of the top 25 Acquisition Officers (“25 for 25”) in the Army for the Acquisition Support Command’s (ASC) Army Acquisition Corps’ 25th anniversary. She was also nominated for the 2014 Secretary of the Army’s Award for Project and Product Manager of the Year. COL Pearson was selected to attend the Army Senior Service College for 2015-2016, in addition to her selection to 06-level Acquisition Commander.

“Mollie, thank you for your hard work and sacrifice, and thanks to your family as well, for loaning us your talents and leadership,” Mr. Wiltsie remarked at the ceremony Friday. “Your achievements at P2E are truly a testament to your leadership and to the commitment of the entire P2E team, and I know you will continue to deliver.”

Congratulations on your promotion, COL Pearson!

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Posted April 01, 2015

AFCEA Belvoir Luncheon

By PEO EIS Communications Division

Photo credit: Sam Soleimanifar

COL Matt Russell, Project Manager, General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), was the keynote speaker at the AFCEA Belvoir Chapter Luncheon March 25

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Posted March 30, 2015

PD EC2M Discusses the Future of Army Collaboration and Communications at AFCEA Small Business Networking Session

By Alison Dickson-Kozloski, PD ES strategic communications

Photo credit: Sam Soleimanifar

John Howell, Product Director for Enterprise Content Collaboration and Messaging (PD EC2M) presented an overview on Project Director Enterprise Services/PD EC2M’s current focus, including upcoming activities with Unified Capabilities (UC) and Army Knowledge Online (AKO) at the February AFCEA Fort Belvoir small business networking session. “We have an affordability issue between all the legacy systems and requirements,” Mr. Howell said. “If we’re going to get to the next generation of service the Army must prioritize its enterprise requirements.” As the Army moves toward greater use of managed, enterprise services he stressed the need to focus on getting to the next generation of technologies, not on just replacing current capabilities. “AKO was the first Army Enterprise capability and it continues to serve us well. However, the days of owning and operating are numbered. Most capabilities within AKO will be eventually be replaced by managed services” he said. The one capability that must continue to be maintained, and at high rates of availability is Single Sign On (SSO), as it is critical, to both end-users and more than 600 applications with SSO integrated into their design. Eventually SSO will be replaced by a future authentication/authorization service; but until this is defined and funded, SSO will remain the primary service for this. For UC, Mr. Howell shared that, due to limited resources, the Army would likely not seek to initiate an acquisition for UC as a Service in fiscal year (FY) 2015, but instead continue efforts on market research and requirements development, with an eye towards releasing an RFP in FY 2016. “We’ve been here before- last year we asked you (Industry) specific questions about deploying a limited set of capabilities on a very limited timeline. Now that we’ve got the time to re-define the requirement we need Industry’s help in showing us what’s possible.”

Posted February 20, 2015

PEO EIS panel highlights Army IT opportunities

By David Wood, Communications Division

PEO EIS Mr. Douglas Wiltsie led a panel discussion at the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA) Northern Virginia (NOVA) chapter’s Army IT Day on Feb. 4, 2015 in Tysons Corner, Virginia. The 14th annual gathering of AFCEA NOVA brought together over 1,000 members from industry and government and featured a keynote address from Army CIO/G-6 LTG Robert Ferrell.

The PEO EIS panel was composed of Project Manager Installation Information Infrastructure – Communications and Capabilities (I3C2) Mr. Michael Padden, Project Director Enterprise Services (ES) Mr. Jeremy Hiers and Project Director Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Mr. Thomas Neff.

Mr. Wiltsie’s comments focused on top-level EIS efforts, including modernizing the Army’s network. Mr. Padden expanded on that topic by discussing how Enterprise Service Management System as a Service, a key portion of network modernization, will deliver an easy-to-use, reliable and secure information technology service management capability as a managed service.

Mr. Neff provided an update on the Army’s strategic sourcing efforts, including a look at fiscal year (FY) 2014 sales figures. He also mentioned that the IT Enterprise Solutions (ITES)-Software contract is expected to be awarded during the end of the second quarter of FY15 and the ITES 3-Hardware contract should be awarded in the fourth quarter of FY15. CHESS is also planning to release a draft request for proposals for the ITES 3-Services in the third quarter of FY15. The nine-year contract will have a $14 billion ceiling.

Mr. Hiers discussed the Army’s Unified Capabilities (UC) acquisition, which is tentatively planned for FY16. According to Mr. Hiers, UC represents the next logical step of network modernization and includes integrated voice, video, chat, instant messaging as well as other potential data services. Mr. Hiers went on to say that integration of commonly used communication and collaboration capabilities at the enterprise level are possible as the network becomes more powerful and, eventually, UC will replace a significant portion of the Army’s legacy telephone infrastructure.

Another major discussion topic and frequent subject of questions from the audience was cloud computing. Mr. Hiers stated that implementing the Army cloud strategy is a critical step in enabling data center consolidation. Therefore, the Army plans to establish contractual vehicles for commercial hosting services and will be conducting market research to explore ways to increase standardization and cloud management across varying hosting environments.

The EIS leaders all expressed their interest in hearing from industry and met with a number of AFCEA members following the panel discussion. Several media outlets mentioned PEO EIS in their coverage of Army IT Day; some highlights can be found on the PEO EIS website under In the News.

More photos from the event can be found at

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Posted February 18, 2015

LTC (P) Mollie Pearson Selected for Fed 100 Award

By PEO EIS Communications Division

Congratulations to LTC (P) Mollie Pearson who has been selected as a Fed 100 Award recipient for 2014. This prestigious award recognizes the top 100 professionals across the federal IT sector, Click here for article.

LTC (P) Pearson has demonstrated outstanding leadership as PdM P2E. She is solely responsible for the Army's Strategic IT infrastructure outside the continental United States. She recently led the successful execution of over $1 billion in enterprise investments while expertly managing the most complex and diverse IT portfolio within PEO EIS. Overseeing 124 government and contractor personnel across six global offices, five continents and 16 time zones, LTC (P) Pearson provided visionary leadership and tactful diplomacy with myriad senior Army leaders, DoD stakeholders, U.S. allies, and international partners. She spearheaded multiple global building projects and will continue to shape the Army's future by providing modern C4I services and seamless IT infrastructure upgrades in support of the Army's LandWarNet 2025 strategic vision. Her multifaceted contributions enabled the Army's globally deployed forces to perform their missions successfully and achieved significant cost savings for the Army.

Army Strong!

Posted February 10, 2015

COL Kevin Vanyo Promoted

By Mr. Andre Revell II, IPPS-A communications support

Mr. Douglas K. Wiltsie presents a Certificate of Promotion to COL Kevin Vanyo during his promotion ceremony held Friday, January 9, 2015. 

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Photo credits: Sam Soleimanifar
Mr. Douglas K. Wiltsie presents a Certificate of Promotion to COL Kevin Vanyo during his promotion ceremony held Friday, January 9, 2015. Click on the image to view more photos

Kevin Vanyo, Increment II Product Manager (PdM) for the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A, INC II), was promoted to the rank of Colonel, United States Army, in a ceremony led by Mr. Douglas K. Wiltsie, United States Army Program Executive Officer Enterprise Information Systems, on January 9 at the Hoffman Building, Alexandria, Va. Remarks were shared by COL Darby McNulty, IPPS-A Project Manager, and COL Robert McVay, PEO EIS Director of Cyber. COL Vanyo’s rank insignia was pinned on by his wife, Dana Vanyo, and he was presented a Certificate of Promotion by Mr. Wiltsie. COL Vanyo has served as the INC II PdM since November 2012. He will continue to lead the development, integration, testing, fielding and sustainment of IPPS-A, INC II, which will provide the majority of IPPS-A functionality and is essential to integrating Human Resource (HR) and military pay into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Congratulations on your promotion, COL Vanyo!

Posted January 13, 2015

The Agile Edge

By Mr. Jim N. Cook and Ms. Rita G. Bartholowmew

Agile software development methodology helps PD RCAS innovate today for tomorrow's Army.

For the full AL&T Magazine article click HERE

Posted January 12, 2015