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Joint Services Panel at IDGA Conference Focuses on Network Modernization

By Ellyn Kocher, PEO EIS Public Affairs

Photos by: Sam Soleimanifar

PEO EIS Mr. Douglas Wiltsie participated in a panel discussion at the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) Army Network Modernization Conference June 24, 2015, at the Sheraton in Reston, Va. The event brought together members of industry and government in panels and breakout sessions discussing solutions for modernizing the Army network.

The morning keynote panel was led by Mr. Gary Wang, Army Deputy CIO/G-6, and also included Mr. Peter Kim, Deputy Director, U.S. Air Force Cyberspace Operations, and Mr. Darren Sawyer, Senior Advisor for Navy Intelligence Enterprise IT, who discussed Joint solutions to modernizing the network and infrastructure. Discussion also included updates on Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS), and Defense Cyber Operations (DCO), web vulnerabilities and big data analytics. Approximately 75 attendees were present for the morning panel, which included an extended question and answer period. Topics from the Q&A included: how to remove redundancies, the value in consolidating data, and JRSS/MPLS transparency.

COL Charles Stein, Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS), also briefed attendees of the conference in an afternoon session. COL Stein presented an overview of DCATS products and developing technologies with an emphasis on areas of future expansion such as configuration management for Earth Terminal Complexes (ETC) and Tech Control Facilities (TCF) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Synchronous Optical Networking (ATM/SONET) replacement.

More photos from the event can be found at FLICKR LINK

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Posted July 01, 2015

Army Human Resource Systems Welcomes New Product Director

By Parchell Patton, AHRS Communications Team

Photos by: Sam Soleimanifar

COL Darby McNulty, Project Manager, Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army, transferred the Product Director Army Human Resource Systems (AHRS) charter from Mr. Gregory D. Riley to Mr. Lee A. James III in a ceremony June 15, 2015.

Mr. James will oversee the delivery of cost-effective, standardized and interoperable human resources solutions for Soldiers, and will manage the development of the Commander’s Risk Reduction Dashboard, the latest addition to the AHRS portfolio.

Prior to his selection as PD AHRS, Mr. James served as the deputy project director for the Force Management System program from December 2014 to June 2015.

“I am motivated by the opportunity to serve a purpose greater than self,” remarked Mr. James at the ceremony. He explained his leadership philosophy of mission first, Soldiers and civilians always: “We must be team players and strive for win-win solutions, while we also set and enforce high standards and treat everyone fairly.”

Congratulations, Mr. James, and thank you for your service, Mr. Riley!

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Posted July 01, 2015

PEO EIS Celebrates the Army’s Birthday

By Ellyn Kocher, PEO EIS public affairs

Photos by: Sam Soleimanifar

The Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) celebrated the Army’s 240th Birthday at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, on Friday, June 12, with an Army Birthday cookout followed by an official observance and cake cutting on the Headquarters PEO EIS lawn.

CPT Maureen Minder, Assistant Product Manager, Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) Hub, narrated the official observance, which included remarks on the theme of selfless service from Mr. Doug Wiltsie, PEO EIS, and an invocation by Mr. Jim Kline, Director, Operations and Theater Support Directorate (OTSD).

Mr. Wiltsie highlighted some of the rich history of the Army and the accomplishments of its Soldiers today, while CPT Minder read from the history of the Continental Resolution. As is the tradition for Army Birthday, the first cut to the celebratory cake was made by LTC Ossie Peacock, Product Manager, Army Contract Writing System (ACWS), followed by CPT Eric Terrell, Assistant Product Manager, Power Projection Enablers (P2E), the most senior and the youngest uniformed Soldiers assigned to PEO EIS.

The cookout and the cake cutting ceremony were both well attended by more than 150 employees and tenant neighbors, raising funds for the PEO EIS Organization Day on June 26, and providing an opportunity for the workforce to reflect on the importance of the tradition and history of the United States Army.

The Army Birthday is officially marked on June 14 each year.

Happy Birthday, Army – Hooah!

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Posted June 17, 2015

Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Industry Day

By Communications Division, PEO EIS

photos by: Sam Soleimanifar

PEO EIS conducted a CHESS Industry Day event June 10 in Wallace Theater, Fort Belvoir, Va. Over 500 attendees participated in this event that includes an audience comprised of DA civilians, military, contractors and private industry. Army Contracting Command – Rock Island (ACC-RI) personnel were present to brief on upcoming contracts.

The program stated at 0900 hours with Deputy PEO Ms. Terry Watson providing opening remarks. Following her remarks, the following agenda was presented:

  • CHESS Welcome, Mr. Thomas Neff, Project Director, PD CHESS
  • Army Desktop Mobile Computing – 3 (ADMC-3), Ms. Dawn Bare, Product Leader, CHESS and Ms. Joelle Donovan, Contracting Officer, ACC-RI
  • Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – 3 Services (ITES-3S), Mr. Keith Copeland, Product Leader, CHESS and Mr. Ryan Pierce, Contracting Officer, ACC-RI

Mr. Neff closed the event by thanking all attendees and reminding them that questions and responses would be posted to Fed Biz Opps and the CHESS website in the near future.

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Posted June 15, 2015

WESS Assumption of Charter

By James Christophersen, DCATS Public Affairs

Photo credit: Sam Soleimanifar

Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (PM DCATS) COL Charles Stein hosted an Assumption of Charter ceremony on June 4 at Fort Belvoir, Va., to officially recognize the change in leadership for the Product Director Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (WESS). Product Manager (PdM) LTC Samuel Ancira, who has led PdM WESS since it was chartered in September 2012, relinquished responsibility for the program. Coinciding with LTC Ancira’s departure, the Army redesignated the WESS charter from Product Manager (PdM) to Product Director (PD).

Mr. Michael McGarvey, assumed the new charter for Product Director Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (PD WESS) at the ceremony.

WESS is the Army’s manager for acquisition, development and modernization of enterprise satellite communication systems and state-of-the-art satellite network control systems. WESS systems integrate into a system-of-systems architecture supporting strategic communications infrastructure, Presidential communications, the Defense Information Systems Network, Army LandWarNet, the Ballistic Missile Defense System, and tactical reach-back for deployed forces.

LTC Ancira was selected to be the first Product Manager for PdM WESS when it was chartered to provide management and control support for Wideband Control and Satellite Control Systems programs. Under LTC Ancira’s leadership, WESS continued support of the Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) launches while simultaneously achieving Initial Operational Capability (IOC) of the Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET) program. Both programs provide critical satellite communications capability to diverse customers worldwide ranging from the Oval Office to the Soldier’s foxhole to international partners.

In recognition of LTC Ancira’s accomplishments during his tenure as PdM WESS, COL Stein presented LTC Ancira the Meritorious Service Medal and the Signal Corps Regimental Association’s Bronze Order of Mercury.

LTC Ancira departs PM DCATS for the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) at Fort Sill, Okla., to the position of Military Deputy for Capability Manager – Fires (TCM-Fires).

“LTC Ancira has done a great job of leading and managing PdM WESS from its formation through to today bringing together programs and teams into one cohesive mission,” said COL Stein. “LTC Ancira has had a positive impact on this organization and touched a lot of the folks here, and the organization definitely had an impact on him.”

Mr. McGarvey has been Deputy Product Manager WESS at Fort Belvoir since 2013.

“Mr. McGarvey was selected for his deep knowledge of wideband satellite communications from nearly a decade of experience working with wideband satellite systems,” said COL Stein. “He was carefully selected and is well-qualified to lead PD WESS forward.”

LTC Joel Babbitt, Product Manager, Warfighter Information Network – Tactical Increment 1 (WIN-T Increment 1), is selected to be the next PD WESS. LTC Babbitt will assume the charter for PD WESS in August 2015.

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Posted June 10, 2015

AFCEA Belvoir Luncheon

By Communications Division, PEO EIS

Photo credit: Sam Soleimanifar

Mr. Jeremy Hiers, Project Director, Enterprise Services (PD ES), was the keynote speaker at the AFCEA Belvoir Chapter’s monthly luncheon at the Fort Belvoir Officer’s Club, 1130-1300. Mr. Hiers gave an enterprise update and also touched upon education and STEM themes to round out the day’s focus. Mr. Hiers’ briefing will be posted to the AFCEA Belvoir Chapter’s website, and linked on the EIS website and in social media. A story and photographs from the event will follow, for use in the EIS Communicator, on the EIS website, and in social media.

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Posted June 09, 2015

Young AFCEAN Award Ceremony

By Communications Division, PEO EIS

Photo credit: Sam Soleimanifar

COL Darrell Bennis, PEO EIS Military Deputy (MILDEP) was the guest speaker at the AFCEA Belvoir Chapter’s Annual Scholarship Awards Event at the Fort Belvoir Officer’s Club, 1000-1045. COL Bennis gave remarks on the importance of STEM education and careers, encouraging the high school and continuing education student awardees to continue their STEM-focused studies. COL Bennis’ remarks were followed by awards presentations by the Chapter President and Board Members.

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Posted June 04, 2015

PEO EIS Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Pacific SATCOM Terminal

By James Christophersen, DCATS strategic communications

The Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Pacific (NCTAMS PAC) commemorated the acceptance of a new state-of-the-art satellite communications (SATCOM) terminal during a ribbon cutting ceremony April 16, 2015, in Wahiawa, Hawaii.

This is the first of three Navy controlled terminals scheduled to be installed at Wahiawa by the U.S. Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Service’s (PEO EIS) Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems (WESS) Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET) program, in conjunction with an industry partner, Harris Corporation. WESS plans to install an additional MET terminal co-located in Wahiawa at the Wideband Satellite Operations Center, controlled by Army Strategic Command.

These terminals form a key part of the DOD Teleport System being implemented by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and operated by the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army partnerships worldwide.

“The MET is the most advanced satellite terminal project in the government sector,” said Mr. Douglas Wiltsie, PEO EIS. “MET replaces aging, bandwidth-limited infrastructure with state-of-the-art SATCOM terminals to manage the immense amount of data that the Army is producing today.”

MET installations support U.S. DOD and Allied forces by providing X- and Ka-Band communications utilizing the Wideband Global Satellite Communications, Defense Satellite Communications Systems satellites and XTAR satellites integrating users into the Global Information Grid communications infrastructure.

The successful delivery of the terminal highlights the broad interagency cooperation and coordination required for a project of such grand scale.

“The main objective during this effort was to not only provide a much improved, updated and modernized enterprise terminal to our Navy brethren, but also to accomplish the mission without disrupting [NCTAMS] day-to-day operations,” said LTC Samuel Ancira, WESS Product Manager.

Other key partners on the project include the DISA Teleport Program Office, Tobyhanna Army Depot and the U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command.

The MET Program achieved Initial Operational Capability last year with the delivery and activation of the Fort Belvoir MET in the Washington, D.C., region.

“The Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station in Wahiawa has a long history of being at the forefront of Joint Satellite communications,” said CAPT William Dodge Jr., NCTAMS PAC Commanding Officer. “In 1954, a full three years before the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, Wahiawa was an original moon relay site using the moon to bounce voice and data between Hawaii and Washington, D.C.”

This terminal and the two still planned for installation will continue to enable NCTAMS PAC as “the Pacific Voice of Command” into the next generation of satellite communications.

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Posted May 04, 2015

Farewell to Mr. Dawson Shepherd

By Communications Division, PEO EIS

A fond farewell to Mr. Dawson Shepherd, management analyst from the Army Budget Office, who recently completed a 90 day developmental assignment at PEO EIS' Program Management Division. PEO EIS is proud to support the Army Intern program, and to help develop our future leaders in the acquisition community.

Dawson teamed up with the PMD program analysts group to gain experience from the acquisition financial community. He was a valuable team player and contributed to the efficiency of the organization in his time at PEO EIS.

Thanks for your support, Dawson!

Posted April 17, 2015

CHESS ITES-2S ordering period extended

By Joanna Corcoran

The ordering period for the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) Information Technology Enterprise Solutions (ITES)–2S contracts has been extended by 36 months. The extension provides for ordering from April 14, 2015 until April 13, 2018. Ceiling labor rates for fixed price and time and materials-type task orders are held at the ordering period year 9 ceiling rates for the duration of the extension. The updated ordering guide reflecting these changes is in process. Please check the CHESS IT e-mart regularly for updates at

Posted April 07, 2015