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LTC (P) Mollie Pearson Selected for Fed 100 Award

By PEO EIS Communications Division

Congratulations to LTC (P) Mollie Pearson who has been selected as a Fed 100 Award recipient for 2014. This prestigious award recognizes the top 100 professionals across the federal IT sector, Click here for article.

LTC (P) Pearson has demonstrated outstanding leadership as PdM P2E. She is solely responsible for the Army's Strategic IT infrastructure outside the continental United States. She recently led the successful execution of over $1 billion in enterprise investments while expertly managing the most complex and diverse IT portfolio within PEO EIS. Overseeing 124 government and contractor personnel across six global offices, five continents and 16 time zones, LTC (P) Pearson provided visionary leadership and tactful diplomacy with myriad senior Army leaders, DoD stakeholders, U.S. allies, and international partners. She spearheaded multiple global building projects and will continue to shape the Army's future by providing modern C4I services and seamless IT infrastructure upgrades in support of the Army's LandWarNet 2025 strategic vision. Her multifaceted contributions enabled the Army's globally deployed forces to perform their missions successfully and achieved significant cost savings for the Army.

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Posted February 10, 2015