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ES and EC Change of Charter Ceremonies

By Enterprise Services Communications Team

On May 13, 2016, in a dual Change of Charter ceremony, Mr. Thomas Neff was officially named the Project Director, Enterprise Services (PD ES), a project office within the Army’s Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS). Additionally, Mr. Dennis Kelly, who officially started in his role on April 3, 2016, formally received the charter as the Product Lead for Enterprise Computing (EC) within the PD ES organization.

During the ceremony held in the Heroes Auditorium on Fort Belvoir, Mr. Neff was joined by Acting PEO EIS Ms. Terry Watson and Mr. Douglas Haskin, who served as Acting PD ES since August 2015.

Mr. Neff was selected for the ES position by the Army Director, Acquisition Career Management- sponsored selection board in February 2016. In his role as PD ES, Mr. Neff will manage a project office responsible for acquiring, fielding and performing life cycle sustainment of enterprise level services supporting many of the Army Chief Information Officer’s high priority initiatives. He will provide leadership to a staff of more than 300 military, civilian and contractor personnel across five product offices, in three geographic locations.

Prior to accepting the role as PD ES, Mr. Neff served as the Product Lead, Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) from July 2014 to May 2016. In that role, he was responsible for delivering, implementing and managing commercial information technology contracts that provide enterprise-wide, net-centric hardware, software and support services for the Army. CHESS is one of the five product offices within PD ES.

Ms. Watson, who presided over the ceremony, had this to say about Mr. Neff: “Tom did great things in his time at CHESS, his sense of leadership is incredible and he has a great relationship with everyone. I’d like to congratulate and thank him for his time and continued commitment."

In his remarks following the charter hand-off, Mr. Haskin echoed Ms. Watson’s sentiment. “I can’t think of a better, more qualified person to take over the reins of PD ES than Tom,” said Mr. Haskin. “It’s a leader’s job to look to the future, to not only think about the day-to-day but, the long-term future of the organization. I have no doubt Tom will do just that.” Mr. Haskin will return to his role as Deputy PD ES reporting to Mr. Neff.

After thanking his wife and family for their support, Mr. Neff touched on his government service. “I’d like to thank everyone at PEO EIS,” said Mr. Neff. “To my colleagues at CHESS you have done so much hard work and it was an honor to have been a part of your team. In the military I learned to lead by example, and it is without a doubt the most important lesson I have ever been taught. My promise to ES is to never stray from that lesson. I want you to hold me to that commitment. Thank you all and Godspeed.”

Immediately prior to the change of charter for Mr. Neff, a ceremony was held for Mr. Dennis Kelly, who officially accepted the charter for EC from Acting Product Lead, Mr. Keith Baylor, who served in the acting role from September 2015 to April 2016. As the head of EC, Mr. Kelly provides future-focused solutions that modernize and optimize enterprise information technology activities through cost effective and policy-compliant delivery of cutting edge infrastructure and services. Mr. Douglas Haskin presided over the event.

Before taking on the role of Product Lead for EC, Mr. Kelly served as a project officer with EC since its inception in 2013. As the Army Enterprise Service Desk Worldwide (AESD-W) lead, Mr. Kelly managed three service desk locations that handled one million incidents at 44 installations, as well as supporting the 1.5 million users of Army Knowledge Online and Enterprise Email. For Army Private Cloud (APC2), he facilitated the provision of cloud software as a service and infrastructure as a service for DOD customers.

“Dennis did great things at AESD-W and I have no doubt he’ll do great things at EC as we continue to support our Soldiers around the globe,” said Mr. Haskin.

Following Mr. Haskin’s remarks, Mr. Keith Baylor spoke to his continued support of Mr. Kelly, “I’d like to thank Dennis for all his support as leader of AESD-W. I look forward to supporting you in the same capacity that you supported me in my previous role.”

In his remarks, Mr. Kelly expressed gratitude for his selection and optimism for the future of EC. “I’d like to thank Keith and Doug for all their hard work, my wife and many mentors, some of whom are in this room,” said Mr. Kelly. “EC’s mission is to support the Army in its modernization effort. The EC team that Keith and my other predecessors have put together is up to the challenge. I’m honored to bring my experience, my faith, the examples of my mentors and family to support Tom and Ms. Watson as we move forward.”

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Posted May 26, 2016


By Judith Avery, PM AESIP Program Operations

On April 14, 2016, the Project Manager, Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (PM AESIP), COL Harry Culclasure, hosted a Change of Charter ceremony for the GCSS-Army Product Manager (PdM).

During the ceremony, LTC Christopher Romero relinquished PdM responsibilities to Mr. Robert Zoppa, the former deputy, who will serve as the Acting PdM until board-selected replacement LTC Preston Hayward arrives this Summer.

The event, which took place at the GCSS-Army Headquarters building in Petersburg, Virginia, was attended by guests from the PM AESIP team, the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command, and the Lead System Integrator, as well as more than 80 employees of the GCSS-Army team. COL Culclasure and Mr. Zoppa both presented farewell gifts to LTC Romero in appreciation of his leadership during the past three years. The GCSS-Army team also held a luncheon to honor LTC Romero following the ceremony.

For more information about GCSS-Army, please visit the website

Posted April 19, 2016

Project Director for Force Management System Retires

By Michelle Walker, PL FMS, IT Specialist

Dr. Dave Powers (left) stands with members of the Force Management System team during his retirement ceremony held at Fort Belvoir.
Dr. Dave Powers (left) stands with members of the Force Management System team during his retirement ceremony held at Fort Belvoir.

Dr. David Powers concluded his 37 years of service at a retirement ceremony held on 31 March at Fort Belvoir, VA. Dr. Powers has been serving as the Project Director for Force Management System (FMS) under PEO EIS since January 2003. During Dr. Powers’ tenure at FMS, he was responsible for the successful integration and consolidation of a number of Force Management legacy automation systems and the current system serves as the Army’s base system for the Joint Chief of Staff Global Force Management Data Initiative. Dr. Powers has supported the Force Management business processes at all levels of the Army having previously worked both at the Army staff level within G-3/5/7 and Army Headquarters Major Command level within TRADOC.

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Posted April 08, 2016

AMIS Deputy Retires

By Ellyn Kocher, Communications Division

PEO EIS says a fond farewell to Mr. Reggie Madden, Deputy Product Lead, Automated Movement and Identification Solution (AMIS), who officially retired Mar. 4. Product Lead Mr. Jim Alexander, the AMIS team, and Mr. Madden’s friends, family and colleagues honored him for his contributions and 40 years’ combined service in a farewell reception held at the Fort Belvoir Officer’s Club February 24. “Reggie has been a tremendous manager,” said Mr. Alexander. “His efforts as an RF-ITV pioneer and early proponent integrator of RFID technology into DoD logistics have constructively impacted an entire generation of Soldiers. His co-workers also recognize Reggie for his friendliness and contagious laughter.” Many thanks to Mr. Madden for his years of dedicated service!

Posted March 14, 2016

RCAS Assumption of Charter

By Mr. Pete Van Schagen, RCAS Communications

Mr. Sajjan (Saj) M. George was introduced as the new acting product lead (PL) for the Reserve Component Automation Systems (RCAS) during an Assumption of Charter ceremony hosted by Mr. Michael Padden, Installation Information Infrastructure Communications and Capabilities (I3C2) project manager, Jan. 11, 2016, at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The outgoing RCAS PL, Mr. Ralph Ocasio, departed after a distinguished tenure, and received a Superior Civilian Service Award and other recognition during the ceremony. Mr. Ocasio will be the new deputy project manager for I3C2.

Mr. George assumes his new position after serving as the RCAS deputy product lead since December 2014. He has over 20 years of active duty service in the U.S. Army and retired as a lieutenant colonel. Throughout his service, Mr. George served in a variety of leadership roles, including deputy director of sustainment directorate at General Funds Enterprise Business System, deputy chief information officer/G6 of the Army National Guard (ARNG) headquarters, branch chief of information technology program management and program objective memorandum development officer for the ARNG G6. He served one combat tour in Iraq as the deputy of the Joint Acquisition Review Board and the Multi-National Corps Budget Execution Office. Mr. George’s military awards include the Legion of Merit, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (3rd Oak Leaf Cluster), Army Commendation Medal and the Army Achievement Medal.

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Posted January 13, 2016

AMIS Leads the Way with RF-ITV System Reaccreditation

By Geoff Steele, AMIS Security Analyst

Cybersecurity is changing in the Army, and the team developing and maintaining the Radio Frequency In-Transit Visibility (RF-ITV) System is leading the change management. In March 2014, the Department of Defense (DOD) formally issued instructions for transitioning to a new model for information technology system certification and accreditation, the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process, replacing the DOD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP). Information Assurance (IA) has always been a priority for the RF-ITV managing office, Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (AMIS), so the RF-ITV program and system integrator were up to the challenge of adopting RMF from the start. AMIS is the first program to undertake this massive change in the process to accredit a system. The risk of not getting through RMF is simple: no Authority to Operate (ATO), no RF-ITV for the logistics community.

The RF-ITV team, along with the PEO EIS Information Assurance Program Manager (IAPM) team, attended an RMF early adopters’ sessions at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The group learned to utilize a main tool in implementing the RMF policy, the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service, a service-oriented computer application that supports IA program management and automates the DIACAP process. A key change in the RMF process is the self-assessment — the system manager now assesses all security controls for compliance. After the initial self-assessment, the security control assessor-validator gains an understanding of the system’s IA posture by reviewing system IA documentation, acquires an understanding of the system’s implementation of operating procedures by interviewing people working the various IA roles, verifies the system configuration, meets applicable regulations by performing vulnerability scanning and, finally, evaluates and validates the security controls implemented by the system manager and writes a report, which authorizing officials use in the formal decision to grant an ATO. This process is critical in protecting information systems from cyber-attack. AMIS chose the RMF process, which becomes mandatory in 2017, opposed to DIACAP in order to maximize the timeframe the ATO would be valid. An IT system can't operate on the DOD network without being accredited.

The RF-ITV team was at a disadvantage as the first to go through the RMF process, as they lacked the benefit of lessons-learned or best practice recommendations from other programs. However, the outstanding effort made by the RF-ITV system integrator personnel combined with IAPM team guidance resulted in the three-year ATO, making the RF-ITV System the first to earn this certification within PEO EIS! The team also offered advice to those earning the new accreditation: start early and be prepared for the complexity of the process, which took at least six months longer than earning an ATO via the DIACAP process.

Posted January 08, 2016

Toys for Tots

By By PEO EIS Communications Division

Members of PD AMIS supported Toys for Tots by donating bicycles for children this holiday season.

Posted December 30, 2015

MC4 Logistician Wins Logistician of the Year for 2015

By MC4 Strategic Communications Team

Mr. Michael McAllister, logistics management specialist, Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) is presented the Logistician of the Year 2015 award by the Hon. Heidi Shyu, United States Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology during the Dec. 2 ceremony for the winners of the AAE Excellence in Leadership Awards, held in Orlando, Florida, and hosted by the PEO for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation.

(l to r) Lt. Gen. Michael Williamson, the principal military deputy to the assistant secretary of the army for acquisition, logistics and technology, Hon. Heidi Shyu, Mr. Michael McAllister and Mr. Gabe Camarillo, principal deputy at the assistant secretary of the army for acquisition, logistics and technology (ASA (ALT))
Mr. Michael McAllister, logistics management specialist, Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) is presented the Logistician of the Year 2015 award by the Hon. Heidi Shyu, United States Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology during the Dec. 2 ceremony for the winners of the AAE Excellence in Leadership Awards, held in Orlando, Florida, and hosted by the PEO for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation. (l to r) Lt. Gen. Michael Williamson, the principal military deputy to the assistant secretary of the army for acquisition, logistics and technology, Hon. Heidi Shyu, Mr. Michael McAllister and Mr. Gabe Camarillo, principal deputy at the assistant secretary of the army for acquisition, logistics and technology (ASA (ALT))

Mr. Michael McAllister, logistics management specialist at Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4), has been named Logistician of the Year for 2015 by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology 2015 Army Acquisition Executive's (AAE) Excellence in Leadership Award. Mr. McAllister is the first to receive this distinction, which seeks to recognize excellence and innovation in the Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW).

McAllister leads theater operations and is contracting officer representative for over 100 contractors who field, train and provide hands-on customer support for more than 46,000 MC4 medical IT systems supplied internationally to more than 2,200 Army units.

"Michael's efforts ensured that MC4 systems and technical support teams were at the right place at the right time to support MC4 users deployed worldwide – these are the trademarks of a truly outstanding logistician," said Tracy Ellis, Chief, Logistics Management Division, MC4.

MC4 is an expeditionary network of systems that equips medics on the ground to digitally document injuries and input medical information for wounded Service members. These systems use a blend of commercial and government off the shelf products including Theater Medical Information Program-Joint (TMIP-J) applications under the management of the Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems Program Management Office (JOMIS PMO), the supervision of Defense Healthcare Management Systems (DHMS) and fielded to operational medical forces worldwide. Medical staff on the battlefield record and transfer critical medical data from foxhole to military treatment facilities, and thereby assure accuracy and continuity of health records for warfighters across the globe.

McAllister developed an innovative contracting strategy which resulted in a net 20-percent annual savings in FY 2015 alone. Under his direction, more than 5,000 systems were fielded to 250 Army units worldwide during this period, coming in under cost and ahead of schedule. This represents a 50% increase over FY14 in the number of MC4 systems fielded.

For more than a decade, the Army has entrusted MC4 with maintaining deployable medical recording systems. MC4 leads the way with the most widely-used, comprehensive information management medical system on the battlefield.

Posted December 08, 2015

Enterprise Computing and ACC-RI Release Draft ACCENT RFP

By Enterprise Computing

Enterprise Computing and the US Army Contracting Command (ACC) - Rock Island (ACC-RI) have issued the draft Army Cloud Computing Enterprise Transformation (ACCENT) request for proposal (RFP). The draft RFP is for commercial cloud solutions for eligible Army enterprise applications in support of the ACCENT program and was issued to reach out to industry for questions and comments.

Enterprise Computing and the ACC-RI are only requesting industry questions at this time and require all questions be submitted by 3:00 PM CT on December 11, 2015.

The ACCENT Program supports the Army’s effort to move designated information technology applications, systems and associated data to the commercial cloud.

The ACCENT scope will include services and solutions necessary for the Army to satisfy the requirement for migration of eligible Army enterprise applications to the commercial cloud. Cloud computing solutions will include:

  • Cloud Service Offerings authorized by the Department of Defense
  • Information as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service

The draft ACCENT RFP will result in multiple basic ordering agreements which will be valid for a three-year period and use a multi-step procurement process.

For more information, visit and search for the draft ACCENT RFP using solicitation number W52P1J-16-R-0022.

Posted December 08, 2015

PEO EIS Changes Charter

By Ellyn Kocher, Communications Division

On November 23, 2015, Mr. Douglas Wiltsie relinquished the Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) Charter to the Deputy PEO Ms. Terry Watson. The official ceremony at Wallace Theater, Fort Belvoir, followed the luncheon at the Fort Belvoir Officer’s Club, and was hosted by Honorable Heidi Shyu, the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASAALT).

The ceremony was emceed by PEO EIS Military Deputy COL Sandy Vann-Olejasz, with an invocation by Dr. David Powers, Product Lead, Force Management System. The ceremony was attended by LTG Robert Ferrell, Army Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G-6; LTG Alan Lynn, Director, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA); former PEOs Mr. Gary Winkler and Mr. Kevin Carroll; and former Deputy PEO Mr. Lee Harvey, as well as Project and Product Managers, Leads and Directors from across EIS. Mr. Wiltsie’s wife, Liz, and Ms. Watson’s daughters, Katie Keys and Jenni Watson, were also in attendance, and received flowers and special recognition for their support to Mr. Wiltsie and Ms. Watson.

Mr. Wiltsie took command of PEO EIS October 5, 2011. As PEO, Mr. Wiltsie led the EIS acquisition mission, which included a workforce of more than 1,500 throughout the Continental United States and in 15 countries, executing more than $2 billion annually to develop, deploy and support over 60 large scale Information Technology programs serving Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Marines and DoD civilians worldwide. Mr. Wiltsie’s technical expertise and bold leadership in network modernization solidified his reputation as an innovator and change leader. Mr. Wiltsie transitions to his new role as Director System of Systems Engineering and Integration (SOSI&E) in the office of the ASAALT December 1, and will report directly to the Army Acquisition Executive as a principal advisor on all system of systems engineering and integration matters.

“Doug, you and your team have done an outstanding job of strengthening the link and solidifying the trust between our Soldiers and the information they rely on for mission success and a safe return home,” said Ms. Shyu in her remarks, “Doug’s leadership has been incredible.”

Ms. Terry Watson, the current Deputy PEO EIS, assumes the mantle of acting PEO with more than 30 years of acquisition experience. Ms. Watson had served as the Acting PEO EIS prior to Mr. Wiltsie’s arrival in 2011, and she “brings tremendous experience and knowledge of the organization to this position,” said Mr. Wiltsie during the ceremony. “Terry is the smartest and the best person to lead this organization.” Ms. Shyu echoed his remarks, stating that Ms. Watson has her full confidence and support in leading EIS.

“Terry is tireless in her dedication and support to the mission and people of EIS, and there is no better person to lead this team forward,” said Mr. Wiltsie during the luncheon. “This has been both the hardest and most rewarding job of my career, and the rewards are because of you – the leadership team, and the workforce of PEO EIS.”

At the ceremony, Ms. Watson focused her remarks on the workforce: “You are the reason we are able to be so successful and truly connect the global Army. You are the most dedicated and talented acquisition professionals and I am honored to be a part of your team. What you do matters. Together, we will continue to innovate to ensure that our Soldiers are ready, agile and connected to defeat any enemy and keep our Nation and our Allies safe and secure.”

“I have learned so much from Doug,” said Ms. Watson in her luncheon remarks. “We will miss you, and you will always be a part of the EIS family.”

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Posted November 24, 2015