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GFEBS Expands Its Future Concepts

By Ms. Pam Gray, GFEBS Communications Team

General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Project Manager COL William Russell hosted the GFEBS Increment II assumption of charter ceremony July 31 at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and welcomed back Mr. Brendan Burke. Mr. Burke, former Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions product director, returns to PEO EIS from Army Senior Service College.

Commenting on Mr. Burke’s path ahead, COL Russell stated, “I believe this is a perfect opportunity for Brendan. I am very thankful the he is joining this team. [He] can start to resource a team … and build, mold, and shape the right skillsets to accomplish this extremely important mission.”

GFEBS was the first Enterprise Resource Planning structure to fully deploy within the Department of the Army and GFEBS Increment II will continue improving the Army’s business processes. Increment II will allow for full cost reporting of the Army’s outputs (products and services) and will create an auditable trail. It will also accommodate emerging requirements for enhanced financial integration, Army single labor time tracking and environmental and integrated resource management. These requirements not only provide additional capability, but improve automated integration of financial data, enhance business process efficiencies, increase interoperability and maintain auditability.

At the ceremony, Mr. Burke thanked those who have had a hand in this career and this new position and noted that he was up to the task of starting a new acquisition program, stating, “I am excited about the challenge. I am humbled by the opportunity that COL Russell has given me.”

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Posted August 20, 2015