PD ES Organization


PD ES Organization

Five product leaders support the Enterprise Services mission; enabling data storage/ management, future-focused information technology (IT) acquisition for today’s Soldier, and communication integration across systems and software:

Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Enterprise Systems and Services (ALTESS): Provides full lifecycle IT solutions, support, and services to their customers in secure environments.

Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS): Provides architecturally sound standards and policy-compliant IT Enterprise solutions from more than 20 prime industry IT providers to all Army activities and organizations.

Enterprise Computing: Provides future-focused solutions that modernize and optimize enterprise IT activities through cost effective and policy-compliant delivery of cutting edge infrastructure and services.

Enterprise Content, Collaboration and Messaging (EC2M): Increases efficiencies and aligns resources to deliver and sustain enterprise-level IT communications that enable end-to-end collaboration, messaging and content management across the Army workforce.

Human Resources Solutions (HR Solutions or HRS): Provides timely and high-quality services at a reduced cost to support a wide variety of support services important to Soldiers and their Families.