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January 11, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Army launches new Application Migration Pre-Assessment Tool ahead of FY2018 application migration deadline

By Project Director, Enterprise Services

Army Application Migration Business Office

Fort Belvoir, Va. – The Army Application Migration Business Office (AAMBO) has streamlined the data collection phase of the application migration process for the Army's enterprise capability owners by launching the Army Application Migration Pre-Assessment Tool, or AAMPT. All enterprise capability owners are required to complete migration to Department of Defense-approved enterprise environment (DoDAEEs) by fiscal year 2018 (FY18). AAMPT will be used to support migration planning for the Army's inventory of enterprise applications, currently estimated to exceed 10,000.

AAMPT is a CAC-enabled online resource that supports data collection used in migration planning for Army enterprise applications. Capability owners can begin the migration process at the AAMPT website:

When owners submit system information through AAMPT, AAMBO gathers and analyzes requirements based on established assessment criteria, generates re-hosting recommendations, and prepares cost estimates for hosting in the new enterprise environment.

“For a community accustomed to frequent requests for information using clunky spreadsheets, email, and stove-piped collaboration tools, AAMPT’s simple and intuitive web interface makes reporting practically painless,” said Project Officer Johanna Curry. Curry has been leading the Army Application Migration Business Office since its establishment in 2014.

Prior to the tool’s launch, application and system owners were required to complete a four-page form and email it to AAMBO to kick off migration planning. As reporting requirements have expanded with the refinement of the Army’s migration process, follow-up requests for new and updated information were a frustrating feature of the previous process.

AAMPT coaches capability owners through on-screen help to accurately report the data needed, shortens AAMBO’s response time to capability owners, and reduces follow-up requests for missing and outdated information. In addition, AAMPT is a single landing page where the community can find current Army migration policy, guidance, and lessons learned. Support for AAMPT users is provided in-house by AAMBO’s subject matter experts.

“AAMPT is the type of transparent, collaborative tool we need in order to assist owners planning migration events from their current hosting platforms to DoDAEEs with limited interruptions”, said Acting Product Lead for Enterprise Computing Keith Baylor.

The Army’s Application Migration Business Office was established in June 2014. It provides both strategic and technical migration guidance to application and system owners. Since 2014, AAMBO has assisted more than 380 systems and applications from roughly 40 commands across the Army with migration planning strategies and efforts.

In June 2014, the Under Secretary of the Army released the “Migration of Army Enterprise Systems/ Applications to Core Data Centers” memorandum requiring all application and system owners begin migrating their products to DoDAEEs by FY18. The Army Application Migration Business Office became the services broker for the Army in 2014 and is the single point of contact for all application and system owners preparing to migrate.


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