EC2M Program Initiatives

As part of the Project Director, Enterprise Services portfolio, Enterprise Content, Collaboration and Messaging manages a portfolio of enterprise information technology (IT) initiatives:

Army Knowledge Online (AKO)

  • AKO is the U.S. Army’s enterprise portal that provides a variety of capabilities including file storage and sharing, organizational and individual web pages and search.
  • AKO services are being modernized and expanded through the implementation of next generation enterprise services, collectively referred to as AKO 2.0. These services will increase security flexibility, scalability and efficiency; and improve communication not only within the Army, but across the Department of Defense (DoD).
  • The ability to create organizational and team web sites
  • AKO provides Identity and Access Management (IdAM) services for the Army by aggregating a myriad of authoritative sources (e.g. Defense Manpower Data Centers, Integrated Total Army Personnel Database, Army Civilian Personnel System) for attributes which are used to authenticate and authorize users to access Army applications.
  • AKO operates from a single primary data center and a Continuity of Operations site.
  • Hosts over 1.6 million users and stores more than 500 terabytes of data.
  • AKO traffic includes:
    • Over 180,000 daily unique log-ins
    • Monthly file uploads average 113,000
    • 31.5 million files managed

Department of Defense Enterprise Email (DEE):

  • A cloud-based service provided by the Defense Information Systems Agency, for over 1.5M Army users plus BlackBerry mobile services. DEE is a standardized service for all DoD, globally accessible using CAC/PKI authentication. First ever consolidation effort – foundational to a Joint Information Environment.
  • Benefits: Improved operational IT capability & network security, reduced IT footprint, standardized platforms and reduced operational costs
  • Capability Gaps Addressed:
    • Global Address Directory – Provides “True” Global Address List (GAL) capability connects all DoD CAC holders; leverages Defense Manpower Data Center
    • Shared Calendars – Provides global calendar visibility for collaboration/info sharing
    • Security – Replaces inconsistent/unpredictable and expensive to operate security infrastructure
    • Centralized Resource Management – Replaces decentralized, suboptimal allocation of resources to over 40 Outlook Exchange systems and the AKO email system

Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration Service (ECMCS)

  • Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration Services is a suite of collaboration capabilities delivered as a managed service provided by DISA.
  • The Army is using existing licenses to provide centrally managed versions of Microsoft SharePoint to enable team collaboration, content management, records management and business process management among all Army users, regardless of location.
  • The service currently supports more than 71 Army organizations, representing more than 87,000 users, from multiple, geographically dispersed installations in an enterprise solution (as of September 2015)
  • The Headquarters, Department of the Army, Office of Chief Information Officer (HQDA CIO/G-6) centrally funded 150,000 users on ECMCS through FY16.

Keep up with ECMCS program accomplishments and milestones! Read The Collaborator .

Unified Capabilities (UC)

  • UC will provide a full suite of services for integrated voice, video, instant messaging/chat, presence, and screen sharing to enable synchronous collaboration for Army users worldwide on any approved device.
  • The service will utilize Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) products and common industry networking protocols.
  • When fully implemented, UC will deliver the full suite of real-time and non-real-time communication services to customers in unclassified and classified environments.


Modified April 24, 2018